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Luxury Color Bulk Hair #10

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When you are looking for a type of hair extension, dark hair colors are always a suitable choice for you. We created Luxury Color Bulk Hair #10 which is inspired by chestnut tree leaves, and is a hair type that creates an extremely good feeling for the user.

Luxury Color Bulk Hair #10 has Warm feeling

Luxury color hair bulk 10c create a warm feeling for user, when you do hair extension with luxury color hair bulk,

Especially in cold countries, this color will create a warm feeling and dispel the cold weather. You need to know that this color makes your hair more attractive

If you are wondering how to fix patchy bleached hair, one method is to choose a darker hair color to dye over your uneven blonde hair. (Source: Botox Capilar)
Warm feeling for Luxury Color Bulk Hair #10

High quality strands

Jen hair’s color removal ability is absolutely safe for the body and original hair. This type of hair doesn’t have to worry about fading or tangling. At the raw material selection stage, Jen hair has carefully and accurately selected the ingredients to bring the best quality to the hair.

If you have hair with higher porosity, your hair color fades faster. (Source: Everyday Health)
If you have hair with higher porosity, your hair color fades faster. (Source: Everyday Health)

Best price

Jen hair owns a 3000 square meters factory so we only provide wholesale hair products, it means that we optimize production process and quantity to achieve the best cost efficiency

jenhair factory
Providing hair in large quantities is one of the strengths of a company. Source: Jenhair


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    Good quality hair. Fast shipping again. everyone should try it

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