Jenhair customer appreciation sales up to 15%

Jenhair would like to send our deep thanks to our customers for accompanying us during the past time. especially the success of the hair extensions festival in Moscow, Russia. That’s why we are pleased to announce to all of our customers the Jenhair customer appreciation. This is a discount event you should not miss, buy today for up to 15%.

1. Jenhair customer appreciation

The main content of Jenhair’s customer gratitude program is as follows:

  • Purpose: To thank customers on the occasion of the tremendous success of the hair extensions fair in Moscow Russia. To achieve this good result is the great support from customers. Your support will contribute to our growth, rapidly progressing to the number one position in the market.
  • Time application: From 10/10/2022 to 23/10/2022
  • Applicable object: All customers
  • Sales limit: Sales up 15 %
  • Application product: all bulk hair-type products.

To receive the fastest promotion information, please contact us at the contact address below:

Hotline: +84967696996





2. We already have a warehouse in Russia

We are proud to be the number one unit that brings you quality products at the best prices. Especially our professional team always tries to deliver goods through super-fast shipping. To serve customers in the Russian and European markets as quickly as possible. We currently have a warehouse in Russia to better serve our customers in the context of tense political developments:

  1. You don’t have to worry about international shipping to Russia

We all clearly understand that the political situation and conflict in Russia are greatly affecting the supply of goods. More specifically the shipping situation. When you shop at Jenhair, you won’t have to worry about this problem anymore.

  1. You can have a direct shopping experience in Russia

You can check the goods directly at our warehouse in Russia. Products that are already available at the warehouse will help you have a real experience of product quality. When you see the goods directly, you can also avoid many risks when shopping and get a reputation for quality, color, hair extension size, etc. In addition, when shopping in stock, you also have the opportunity to receive incentives from our discount events. What’s better is that you can get products at the same price as when shipping in Vietnam.

  1. You can do Cdex shipping within 24 hours, and domestic shipping at the warehouse.

You can reduce a lot of purchase costs with domestic shipping at the warehouse or ship Cdex. In addition, this streamlined transportation also helps to reduce risks when transporting such as lost goods, long order review time, mistaken orders, etc.

Final thought

We hope Jenhair customer appreciation will give all of our customers the best shopping experience. Once again, we are very grateful for the support and help of all customers during the past time. Hurry up to buy goods to receive special offers from us. If you have any questions about the discount event, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment right below this article for the fastest support.

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