How to make clip in hair extensions at home?

Clip in hair extensions are one of the most friendly types of thin hair since the attachment does not need adhesive or heat. Clip in hair extensions make the style bouncy. Moreover, hair locks are natural. And it is easy to blend with the rest of the hair.

Unbelievably, you can make clip in hair extensions. There are some methods with simple steps that you can apply at home. However, you must know how to make clip in hair extensions. And the standard components of the product and prepare them before starting the steps. 

Is it possible to make clip in hair extensions at home?

Some styles of clip-in hair extensions. Source: Diva Divine

To evaluate the possibility of making clips in hair extensions, we must know about its components. Fortunately, the parts are simple. They are weft parts and some hair clips. How many components do you want depending on the size of the clip-in hair extensions you wish to make? In general, the number you clip you need for a set of clip-in hair extensions is from 2 to 4. As a must, the two end sides need two clips to form the shape. The rest are distributed in the middle.

After having an overview of the clip-in hair extensions, Jen Hair can conclude that there is nothing to bear a barrier to making clip in hair extensions at home. Moreover, it is considered easy in some aspects because you can buy hair wefts and clips at any hair accessories shop.

Besides the amazingness of making hair extensions at home, it brings other benefits. First, the components are cheap. It is very economical if you need a lot of clip-in hair extensions. Second, you can make clips in hair extensions with the high-quality material you like and make them the most suitable for your hair.

What to consider when make clip in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions with hair weft and clips. Source: Mhot hair

Except for the hair weft and the clips, the scissors and glue is in need as well. Things look simple, but you need some tips to buy the appropriate material. 

The harmony of hair extensions is important. Source: Made-in-China

The first material you must pay attention to is the hair weft. There are two popular styles. They are synthetic fibers and the natural hair of humans. In general, the synthetic extension prevails in terms of price. Regarding quality, natural hair extensions are outstanding with good criterias. Choosing hair extensions having length, color, and style harmony to your hair is appreciated. Hair weft with the same blending effect as natural hair is a recommendation.

Secondly, choosing the correct hair clip’s size is the key to success. It shall lead to some inconveniences for you if the hair clips are too small or too big. Fortunately, you can get advice from the seller. The only thing to do is share your needs with the seller. And the seller shall give you the appropriate ones.

Regarding the rest, scissors and glue, you need to buy professional ones. The glue for hair extension shall be a bit more sticky than the regular ones. And the scissors must be sharp enough to cut the extremely thin hair.

To the question of where girls can buy the above material, you can find the best things in the hair accessories store. Besides going to the store to purchase the materials, buying online may give you a better price.

How to make clip in hair extensions at home?

Overall, a set of hair extension components should include 14 hair clips, one hair weft, glue, and scissors. After the preparation step is done, it is time to start with the steps for making clip-in hair extensions.

Step 1: Cut the hair weft to have the appropriate width

Hair weft goes with a rather long width. Source: Heavenly Hair

The hair wefts were made with the width counted by the meter. Hence, the first thing to do is measure and cut the hair weft into smaller pieces. You can cut it into ten pieces as below:

  • Two pieces with wide width for four clips of hair extensions. If you measure the hair weft on your head, the piece can cover your head from ear to ear.
  • Four pieces with wide width used for three clips of hair extensions. The piece can cover 3/4 of the head side.
  • Four pieces with wide width used for two clips of hair extensions. The piece can cover 1/2 of the head side.

Step 2: Double the hair weft

One layer of hair weft is not enough. Making the hair extensions thicker by gluing the two pieces of the same size hair weft is ideal. Hence, making a clip-in hair extension like this requires two hair wefts.

Step 3: Attach the clip to the hair weft by glue

Place the hair clips evenly is the key. Source: Youtube

Drift the tip-off part of the hair clips and the hair weft with glue. The key to success is placing the clips equally. The clips at the end sides should be attached first. Then you place the clip on another part. Please note that after the attachment, it shall take some minutes for the glue to dry.

Final thoughts

There are no difficulties with our guidance about how to make clip-in hair extensions. Following the three steps above, you can confidently make yourself a pair of clip-in hair extensions. Many girls succeed with our guidance, and the next one is you. For further assistance, if you have any difficulty in doing things, please leave your comment below the article. It is Jen Hair’s honor to assist you overcome the issues.

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