How to bring a wig back to life? A simple guide for beginners

Have you ever wondered whether a wig’s quality can be improved after a long time of using it or not? It is obvious that you may find it challenging to seek for the best solutions to this problem. Instead of covering a new expense on a new wig, bringing it back to life by yourself may be the ideal option.

To help you save time, we will list out for you several methods which are applied for synthetic and human hair wigs. They are straightforward, convenient, and suitable for those who desire to bring their wig back to life.

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How to bring a synthetic wig back to life?

Although synthetic wigs require little maintenance, they can become matted over time. A guideline of bringing it back to life is essential as a result.

Here are a few straightforward steps we recommend to help you answer the questions related to how to bring a wig back to life.

how to bring a wig back to life
Our 5-step instructions on how to bring a synthetic wig back to life can fascinate you. Source: Un-ruly

What you need: a wide-toothed comb, a paddle brush, special shampoo, conditioner, fabric softer, a bowl, a blow-dryer, and a wig stand.


Step 1: Preparing

First, you should remove tangles from your wigs to boost your procedure of restoring your synthetic wig. 

Then, mix shampoo, conditioner, or the liquid detergent and fabric softener into the big bowl in a proper ratio. 

Step 2: Soaking and washing

Your wig should be submerged in water that needs to last up to an hour. Depending on how much tender loving care your wig requires, you might soak it longer or even overnight.

Next, when you are satisfied with your wig, wash your wig with cold water. Rinse the wig by swishing it back and forth; you may rinse several times until the water is clear.

Step 3: Drying

Once the wig is clean, drain the water from the container, then gently squeeze the extra water from the wig with a towel or cotton fiber. Your wig should not be brushed or combed when it is still damp.

Finally, place the wig on a wig stand and let it air dry naturally. The wig can be dried with a blow dryer on the cool setting.

How to bring a human hair wig back to life?

Although a human hair wig is fabulous and has excellent longevity, it will inevitably become dry and stiff. Thus, we are here to share with you advice on how to bring a human hair wig back to life.

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how to bring a wig back to life
Absorbing methods to bring a human hair wig back to life is essential to maintain its quality. Source: Msnaturally Mary

What we need: natural oil, shampoo, conditioner, water, a bowl, a wig stand, a wig brush, and a dryer.


Step 1: Preparing

It makes it reasonable to apply a conditioning treatment on your wig as the first step in restoring it. We advise lightly spraying your human hair wig in a natural oil that helps to replenish moisture and leave your wig smelling and feeling amazing.

This process should last roughly 30 minutes.

Step 2: Washing

Washing your wig is the next stage in bringing a human hair wig back to life, and you should be sure to rinse off all of the pre-wash oil. Remember to keep the water running in the same direction as the hair during washing to avoid tangling.

Then, thoroughly bathe your wig with a shampoo made specifically for human hair wigs that is moisturizing. 

Step 3: Conditioning

Applying a thorough conditioner to your wig is the next step in our instruction on how to bring a human hair wig back to life. Please make sure your chosen conditioner covers the entire wig, and don’t forget to add extra conditioner to the ends.

Step 4: Drying

You need to dry your human hair wig after you’ve thoroughly rinsed out all of your product. It’s critical to use caution when drying your wig to prevent tangling and damage.

Before placing your wig on a dry towel, gently squeeze it to remove any excess water. After that, carefully squeeze the excess water out of the wig while covering it with the other half of your towel.

The safest approach to dry your wig is to put it on a wig stand so that it can air dry. However, you can blow-dry your restored human hair wig using low heat and a comb if you do want to style it. 


1. Is washing important for the procedure to bring a wig back to life?

Washing a wig is an important step in this maintenance procedure. Remember that don’t wash it too frequently as this will dry it out and make it more prone to tangling. It’s best to wash your hair about once a month or so after wearing it 30 times. This process helps you to maintain it effectively. 

2. Can I use naturals from the kitchen to bring my human hair wig back to life?

You can use kitchen-safe naturals to bring your human hair wig back to life. As you do to your natural hair, your human hair wig can also become silky and gorgeous thanks to organic items. Make a smooth curd paste, then use it to cover your wig. Rinse after shampooing. That’s all steps you need to do to restore your wig properly based on naturals. 

how to bring a wig back to life
You can make use of organic items to restore your wigs properly. Source: UniWigs

Final thoughts

In this article, we have illustrated 2 instructions on how to bring a synthetic wig back to life and how to bring a human hair wig back to life clearly. 

Hope that after that, you can freely use your wig and confidently find ways to resolve these problems.

If you have any additional queries on how to bring a wig back to life and desire further wig maintenance instructions and advice, follow us right away!

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