How to boil a wig? An ultimate guide to restoring a wig properly

Have you succeeded in seeking the finest techniques to bring your wig back to life because it has become really harsh and tangled? Have you ever heard about the technique of boiling a wig? 

In fact, boiling your worn-out and knotted wig might bring it back to how it originally looked. However, a series of women around the world find it quite challenging to boil a wig.

Luckily, the following article will do you some good and save you the financial burden through a comprehensive guide on how to boil a wig. 

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Can you boil your wig?

Yes, you can boil a wig. Boiling hair is used to revive worn-out wigs and extensions. Many of us have discarded numerous extensions due to their appearance. Which would be the sensible thing to do, especially after having them for a while?

The boiling technique will come in handy later. A pot and some mix are all you need. A deep conditioner with a crème base, and silicon mix. It does so much more for extensions than just provides shine and moisture. It can revive your wig properly.

how to boil a wig
Boiling a wig is an excellent method that can fascinate you. Source: Beneficial uses of Alumium Foil for your hair

How to boil your wig?

What you need:

  • Conditioner
  • A large pot
  • Hot water 
  • A towel
  • A stovetop
  • Coconut oil or olive oil

Let’s discover the detailed instructions right now!

Step 1: How to boil a wig: Preparing

First, grab a pot that wit your wig comfortably before you begin. Remember to fill it halfway with water.

Then, after turning the stovetop element to high, you should wait for the pot to boil. Once the water boils, reduce the heat to medium mode so that it simmers. You can also use a lid to hasten the boiling process. Make sure that the pot is clean when you add water.

Step 2: Mixing 

Add coconut or olive oil to the water. You must use a spoon to stir the oil into the water since it will float on top of the liquid. Circular motions are used to stir the mixture. Once the huge oil bubbles on the water’s surface have dispersed, keep mixing.

Step 3: Putting the wig into the water

Then, you should put your wig slowly into the water. To ensure that the entire head of hair is rejuvenated, make sure that every strand is thoroughly submerged in the water. However, we want to inform you that your wig’s color might end up in the water. So, once the boiling procedure is complete, you might need to color it.

Step 4: How to boil a wig: Boiling the wig

For fifteen to twenty minutes, leave your wig in the water. You should go back to your pot after the first five minutes and turn your wig with a spoon or stick. This is done to make sure that the entire wig is thoroughly submerged in the water. You may also choose to cover the pot, allowing the steam to permeate each fiber of your hair while remaining trapped inside.

how to boil a wig
Boiling the wig is easier than you expect. Source: WARPAINTS and Unicorns

Step 5: Washing the wig

Once the time’s up, take off your wig and carefully wash it in shampoo and water. Make sure you properly rinse away any remaining mixture. Because using merely water is likely to leave remnants of silicon mix in your hair, making it slightly stiff, we advise using shampoo.

Step 6: Drying the wig

Use a towel to dry out part of the moisture after washing your wig. Don’t rub the towel against the wig; just gently press it there. To reduce damage and frizz, getting a microfiber towel is an ideal choice. We suggest against blow-drying or sun-drying it because it has already undergone a lot and has been vulnerable.

Step 7: Conditioning the wig

Once the wig has dried, you can use a deep conditioner on wigs.  Go through your wig with your hands. It will be free of tangles, have a stunning gloss, and allow you many styling options.


1. Does boiling your wig work?

The benefit of boiling the wig is to bring back its original shine and softness after being worn for a while. The boiling technique can restore different hair types including synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. In addition to restoring your hair extensions, boiling them will help you style them. 

how to boil a wig
The method of boiling a wig is worth a try. Source: Braids Wig Queen

2. Does boiling hair damage it?

Boiling hair will not damage its structure. However, if you boil it at extremely high temperatures, it could lead to a lot of damage. It can weaken hair follicles and result in falling out of hair. Therefore, you should take the temperature into consideration before deciding to boil a wig.  

3. How long should you boil your wig?

A wig may be properly boiled in just ten minutes. However, you should also wait for a few minutes to add a few ingredients for moisturizing and maintaining the wig. If you boil you wig too long, it can spoil your wig, even your human hair wigs. 

4. Does boiling a wig make it straight?

Boiling can make a wig straight in some extent. Your wig will get softer and silkier as a result of the water’s high temperature. Obviously, you can easily restyle or flatten your wig whenever you want. 

5. How do you boil a synthetic wig?

To start with, small amounts of synthetic hair conditioner are added to boiling water, and the mixture is then allowed to simmer. For a brief period of time, gently dunk the hair in the water while ensuring that it is moved around. After the wig has dried, style it as usual. However, we advise using HOT water instead of boiling water as a safer substitute.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we have shown you all the important information about how to boil a wig. It is an effective method to restore a wig but a large number of women still hesitate to do it. 

Hope that after reading this article, you can make the final decision properly to bring your wig back to life in the best way.

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