How long does a wig install last? 5 Important factors

Having a wig these days is not only for glamorous looks, it’s also a beauty revolution for women all around the world. The trend took off for good reason wig is a fairly low-maintenance way to go lighter, as it helps you achieve your dream hairdo without damaging your real hair.

Unfortunately, something happens while your wig has been through a few weeks—we find some pretty locks, but they are now tangled and shedding. It’s almost inevitable, but not all is lost. But even if you rationally realize that you will see changes in your wigs over time, you might still wonder how long a wig installation will last.

So, in this article today, Jen Hair will give you elaborate information about “how long does a wig install last?” wisely to understand your wig. Let’s get right into it!

How long does a wig install last?

Firstly, a wig installation can last from one to a few weeks, depending on many factors. However, the biggest factor that affects how long a wig install last is the type of installation method.

How long does a wig install last
A wig installation can last from one to a few weeks. Source: Eliocrea

How long does a glued wig install last?

As a wig can’t just stick to your head like a magnet when applied, it will need attaching through sewing, tape, or glue. Gluing a wig can often be seen as the most common and messiest method of achieving perfect and sturdy hair extensions.

It might take about 2-4 hours to finish the installation. Though the process requires a lot of patience, you will achieve a stunning look with a natural hairline, just like your real hair. With well-secured, your glued wig can last up to 4 weeks, but remember to remove it regularly for the best wig maintenance and your real hair.

How long does a wig install last
With proper well-secured, your glued wig can last up to 4 weeks. Source: Stylecaster

How long does a 360 lace wig install last?

In general, a 360 lace frontal sew-in will stay in place for about 2 weeks before it begins to lose shape and slide around, while a 360 lace wig can be left on for up to 4-6 weeks with long-term glue.

How long does a full lace wig install last?

Similar to 360 lace wigs, most full lace wigs require glue or adhesive tape, but some are available with adjustable straps or combs to make it easier to apply and take off. And so, a lace wig installation can last for one to a few weeks, depending on many factors such as the hair texture, the installation skill, the method, and your lifestyle. However, the biggest factor that affects how long a wig install lasts is the type of installation method (glue or glueless).

How long does a frontal wig install last?

Before learning how long a frontal wig install last, there are two ways to apply a wig, it’s with and without glue. The lasting process will depend on each technique.

How long does a glue frontal wig install last?

In particular, while setting up a wig with glue, your hair will keep looking stunning and stable with just one brush. The more layers of glue you use, the stronger the hold will be. Frontals can be wigged for six weeks, depending on the quality of the glue. Because of the stronghold, the removal process with glue frontal might take a while. 

How long does a glueless frontal wig install last?

On the other hand, the removal and installation will become easier when you apply a lace front wig without glue. Whenever you wear the wig correctly, it will give you extra security for a 1-2 day wear without worrying about it falling off. Furthermore, applying a lace front wig with glueless is also a great idea when you are in an emergency situation or for people who want a time-saving solution.

How long does a wig install last
The installation will be easier when you apply the frontal without glue. Source: Faithfully Asia

How long does a lace closure wig install last?

Whether you’re going for a sew-in or lace closure wig, they typically last longer than a sew-in frontal, with proper maintenance. Lace closure wigs are more appropriate for warmer weather. As they don’t require as much gluing and customizing as glueless lace frontal wigs do. After 2 or 3 weeks, your sew-in lace frontal wigs start to lose their glue and pull off gradually at the edges.

Which factor affects the wig install last?

Now that we have acknowledged how long does a wig install last, it’s time to start thinking about which factors affect how long the installation lasts. According to hair experts, there are five main factors that play a huge role when it comes to wig installs:

Which type of wig hair are you choosing?

While more specific hair types refer to where the strands were originally sourced, all wigs fall into two broad categories: human and synthetic. Unlike synthetic hair, which is made of chemical ingredients, human hair is formed of natural hair, though it is quite difficult for inexperienced people to perceive.

In addition, natural hair and synthetic wigs differ in lifespan. Human hair can be used for six months to a year, but synthetic wigs only last a few months.

In general, it is advisable to buy synthetic hair if you are only using it temporarily and cheaply. On the contrary, if you want your wig to last longer, human hair is a wise choice. Depending on your priorities for wig products—durability, hair quality, or price—you can make the most accurate decision.

How long does a wig install last
The difference between human hair and synthetic hair. Source: Market Hair Extension

How did you install a wig?

There’s no doubt that how you install your wig will have a significant impact on its longevity. The more the wig is secured from the start, the longer it will last. To evaluate how professional a person’s wig installation skills are, you can look at the amount of adhesive they use on their hair and how they take care of their hair and wig before putting on the wig.

Which method did you use to install a wig?

As mentioned above, each method will have a completely different wig installation time. If you are looking for a long-lasting and strong hold installation, you should apply a lace front wig with glue. On the other hand, a glueless application will be appropriate for people who want a time-saving and easy removal option.

How much do you sweat?

You wouldn’t believe it, but your lifestyle and the weather also play a huge role in how long a wig install lasts. For instance, if you have been through a hot summer day or sweat a lot from exercise, the excess oils that come from those activities can damage your wig and may irritate your scalp. Moreover, sweating a lot in your head can shorten your wig’s installed lifespan. Your risk of experiencing scalp itchiness or even mold and mildew growth increases as you sweat more.

How long does a wig install last
Your lifestyle plays a huge role in how long a wig install lasts. Source: Strands Hair Care

How well was the wig maintained?

Obviously, how well the wig was maintained will have an impact on how long it will last. The more you take care of your wig, the longer it will last! A regular hair care routine will make your wig last longer with beautiful luster and quality. It’s essential to follow your wig manufacturer’s care instructions, but there are some general care guidelines that can help keep your wig in great shape.

The most important reason to maintain your wig is to last its lifespan and protect your investment. With many wigs costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, you will want to have good wig care and a cap so you can get the most use out of them.

How long does a wig install last
The more you take care of your wig, the longer it will last. Source: Eternal Wigs


Does chemical processing and heat shorten wig lifespan?

No matter, if your wig is high-quality human hair or synthetic hair, chemical processing and heat, will absolutely shorten the wig’s lifespan. For synthetic wigs, complete avoidance is recommended. Since synthetic hair is composed of fine plastic fibers, the heat generated or chemical exposure during the process will ruin the hair’s texture.

Although manufacturers have confirmed that human hair extensions can be styled and colored, chemical processing can cause worse damage after just one use! So before deciding to style your human wig, remember to use heat protectants when heat styling for the best protection.

How long does a wig install last
Remember to use heat protectants when styling a human hair wig. Source: Herzindagi

What happens if you wear a wig too long?

As wearing a wig too long can cause enormous problems for your wig as well as your hair’s health, you shouldn’t fall into this mistake to avoid: wig damage, scalp irritation, alopecia, and much more.

Once the time period is up, it’s important to remove the wig and do the hair care routine for both your real hair and wig, which includes a thorough cleansing, deep conditioning, and moisturizing.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, wearing a wig can make you feel glamorous and make daily styling a breeze; however, make sure that you will remove them in time to prevent scalp damage or hair loss. Give your wigs the time and attention they deserve, and you will get long-lasting results as well as save money.

Through this article, we hope that you can better understand how long does a wig install last and what factors influence it. Jen Hair believes that our detailed information will support your beauty process effectively and give you a wonderful experience with hair extensions.

If you still have any concerns or questions, please contact us for more helpful information. Jen Hair is very glad to serve you.

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