Hair grades chart: The truth may surprise you

Whenever you are looking for wigs, waves, or hair extensions, you will definitely see information about hair grades. There is a wide variety of hair grading systems that were put in place in theory. After that, you can understand whether the hair is good quality or not.

Are you curious about the way to recognize hair grades?

In this blog post, we will provide you with a hair grades chart, consisting of the meaning and what else to look out for before you decide to buy.

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What is hair grade?

The hair grade system was developed by hair extension providers in the early 2010s as a means of identifying the caliber of hair delivered to customers and differentiating their businesses from others who could have been selling hair of lesser caliber.

These are the human hair quality ratings currently in use in the market, with 3A being the smallest and 11A being the highest. The characteristics to look for in each grade are fully covered in this article.

hair grades chart
Classification of hair grades.Source: TheDreamHair

The quality is always being improved, thus the higher the level is on the hair grading system, the better the quality. However, the hair grade system will vary depending on the hair extension company. 

Why hair grades are important

For business, it is built to help suppliers differentiate their products from competitors or sellers of low-quality Human Hair. 

For consumers, the human hair classification system is supposed to make the selection of hair extensions and wigs easier and simpler.

Hair grades are offered so you can make the smartest, most informed decision. Whenever choosing your hair grade, it is very important to ask yourself whether you want to dye your hair or not. So, this might help you choose the appropriate grade for the desired coloring work.

hair grades chart
Hair extension grading information. Source: Private Label Extensions

Hair grades chart

This hair grade chart can help you comprehend the variations between the various hair grade levels if you want to know what they are.

Hair grade Date Description
3A 2010 Since it was the first hair grade produced, it is often the least expensive, thinnest, and lowest-quality hair among the various levels on the hair grade scale. You might be able to feel any artificial hair that it includes as a result of the processing with chemicals. The hair in this category is prone to tangling and shedding.
4A 2012 If not properly cared for, this hair type is rather thin and easily damaged by tangling. 4A falls in between poor and medium hair grades. This sort of hair is widely used in hairdressing instruction. Furthermore, a nearby beauty supply shop frequently has hair extensions in the 4A or 5A grade.
5A 2013 A medium-grade extension with a narrower hair shaft is called 5A hair. It is produced by applying a relaxant chemical to a multi-textured combination of hair with S-shaped curls to loosen or reconstruct the curls. It might be healthy and turn to a light brown tone. If properly cared for, these hair bunches can endure for up to six months. 
6A 2014 It is suitable for anyone on a budget and is medium-thick, of satisfactory quality, and manufactured from natural hair. If properly cared for, this reusable hair extension may be used for lengths of 12 to 18 inches and has a lifetime of six to one year.
7A 2015 The specific hair is thick and of high quality. The layers of hair are not knotted and all flow in the same direction. Although it is a little expensive, this product is worthwhile. The longer or curlier hair is more prone to tangling, the 7A grade is ideal for people who desire hair longer than 18 inches.
8A 2016 These hair-grade extensions are thick and made of 100% natural hair. It is also ideal for 18 inches. In this segment, the hair is less shedding and tangling. If you like curly hair, you can choose 8A or higher.
9A 2017 It has virgin 100% human hair, which means that it has not been subjected to any chemical processes. You’ll discover that this hair type is simpler to take care of and won’t tangle as frequently as other hair grades. Additionally, you’ll see that the improved quality is reflected in the cost. 
10A 2018 It uses 100% thick, virgin solid hair. If properly cared for, it will last longer. All of the 10A grade is real human hair. All hair strands are the same length. This is durable enough to dye every color you want.
11A 2019 In all hair grading systems, this extension is the most expensive and best-quality hair. The hair is full in thickness from top to bottom. If taken care of correctly, this hair extension may last for more than a year.
12A 2020 Most grade 12A hair is made of 100% virgin hair, which has never undergone chemical treatment and remains in its natural state. The hair has a consistent cuticle orientation since it originates from a single donor. It becomes more durable and is less prone to tangle and mat as a result of this. 



1. What are the different grades of hair?

Nowadays, we normally have 10 grades of hair including 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, and 12A, separated according to hair source and thickness.

2. Is 10A better than 12A hair?

Due to its durability and adaptability, stylists believe that grade 12A hair is the greatest type of human hair that can be used as extensions. Although grade 10A hair is thought to be of excellent quality, it is not as durable as 12A hair.

3. What is the highest quality hair grade?

The Grade 12A hair, which is human hair of the highest caliber, is used to create wigs and extensions of the highest caliber. The highest quality human hair currently on the market is this.

Final thoughts

Budget, structure, size, and density should all be taken into consideration while selecting the ideal hair extension for you. You may choose the hair grade you wish to purchase using these characteristics. For help choosing the ideal hair extension for you, go to the hair grades chart on this page.

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