Do hair extensions damage hair? The truth you should know

Hair extensions are becoming an irreplaceable item for numerous women around the world. Besides appreciating the various benefits of hair extensions, they also wonder a lot about their drawbacks. Do hair extensions ruin your hair? Are hair extensions bad for your hair? and many more. Those are common questions when relating to hair extensions.

To help you save time and money, this article: Do hair extensions damage hair? The truth you should know will shed light on several truths about whether the negative impacts of hair extensions are severe or not. Want to absorb right now?

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Do hair extensions damage hair? 

When it comes to types of hair extensions, there are a lot of types that differ in quality, length of use, ease of application, and the potential to damage your hair and root, thin your hair over time.

It is obvious that a weave or extension can be a terrific way to mix up your hairdo. However, if adequate measures and maintenance are not done, they can harm your natural hair and even cause hair loss.

Using hair extensions rapidly adds length and volume to your hair. But the truth is that they undoubtedly can lead to hair loss. Hair loss brought on by the removal of the hair follicle from the scalp is known as traction alopecia. It may result from the either excessive or incorrect use of hair extensions.

The risk of hair loss may vary depending on the type of extensions used. The microbead  extensions and weaved-in extensions will be the biggest offenders in this regard. When used improperly or too tightly, these might harm the follicle, also known as the root, because they are frequently put extremely close to the root and worn for long periods. 

do hair extensions damage hair
Do hair extensions damage hair is the question of all users in the world. Source: Hair Extensions Manchester

How to prevent hair damage from hair extensions?

If the troublesome and complicated hair extension requires meticulousness and care from the hairdressers, then your own challenge is the hair care process after reattachment. Therefore, you should note some of the following information to take care of your hair from breakage and damage after joining.

1. Hair washing

Choosing a shampoo with a gentle formula for hair extensions would be best. Pour shampoo into hands, create a lather, and gently massage into hair. Hair extensions are more prone to dirt and dust than normal hair, so washing your hair three times a week is reasonable.

You should stand under the shower and let your hair fall naturally down your back; if you wash your hair in a position with your hair upside down, the joints are easily displaced. Use your fingertips to massage the scalp and gently squeeze the hairline to the joint. Scratching or rubbing your hair can easily cost you a few hundred thousand more to reinforce the tangled hair.

After washing your hair, use a towel to dry your hair, do not rub your hair in the towel. If you have time, let your hair dry naturally. If you must use the dryer, set it to cool air. The heat of the dryer and the machine makes it easy to damage the joint. If steaming your hair, choose the cold steam method.

do hair extensions damage hair
It’s important to take care of your hair extensions. Source: hair by kaesha

2. Treating your hair before going to bed

Loose-tying or tossing your hair to the side when sleeping is advisable. Wrapping your hair in a thin silk scarf will also help you feel less uncomfortable at the hair connections. 

You can also consider scalp stimulation such as scalp massages. They can promote hair development. After a long period of undergoing pressure from hair extensions, your root hair needs resting and massaging. If done properly on a regular basis, your hair will continue to develop and be healthy over time.

Treating your hair before going to bed helps you keep your hair in good shape. Also, use conditioner to keep your hair strong and nourished.

3. Hair care routine

In fact, hair extensions cannot absorb nutrients because they are dead hair. However, increasing absorption is still good after hair extensions because natural hair needs to be supplemented with more nutrients to grow healthy when there is a connection. Every 2 to 3 months, when the hairline grows about 3 cm, you should go to the hair salon once to fix the loose or loose joints.

do hair extensions damage hair
A hair care routine helps people a lot in improving the health of their hair. Source: Gisou


1. Do tape-in extensions ruin your hair?

Tape-in hair extensions really potentially harm your natural hair. Yet, there shouldn’t be any cause for concern about long-term damage if you get them applied by a professional. Don’t wear them regularly, and take good care of them. While having your tapes fitted, you should follow the maintenance and care instructions given to you.

Try using a different hair extension method, such as clip-ins or micro rings, if keeping your natural hair is your top priority. Try to give your hair a boost by massaging your scalp when you remove your hair extensions.

do hair extensions damage hair
Tape-ins may harm your hair if you don’t take enough care. Source: Allure

2. Do hand-tied extensions damage your hair?

If a skilled, qualified stylist uses the right technique for application, hand-tied extensions won’t harm your hair. Make sure that your stylist is certified and has experience in installation techniques.

Hand-tied extensions must be properly cared for and maintained to be healthy and beautiful. Also, maintaining your extensions will make them live longer.

3. Do hair extensions stop your hair from growing?

Hair extensions will not stop your hair from growing. In reality, the majority of people use hair extensions until their hair reaches the desired length or while growing out a bad haircut. Your hair will grow as it should as long as you avoid doing any negative impacts to your hair.

Hair extensions may protect your hair from the daily wear and tear brought on by heat and environmental factors. Additionally, it can make your hair more fantastic and healthy. 

do hair extensions damage hair
Hair extensions will not stop your hair from growing. Source: Adored Salon

4. What are the safest hair extensions to use?

Some hair extensions considered to be the safest are clip-ins, tape-ins, micro-links, and so on. The majority of them are generally safe because they have to go through demanding testing and occasional certification.  

Nevertheless, not all of them are equivalent. In some circumstances, you should also refrain from employing any extensions or particular kinds. By being aware of their components, you’ll be able to select hair extensions that will complement your beauty rather than harm your own hair.

Final thoughts

In this article, you must have gained a lot of valuable knowledge about types of hair extensions as well as the answer to the questions “Does hair extensions damage hair?” or “ Are extensions bad for hair?”.

Hope that this article is helpful for your seeking path of new hairstyles and protecting your hair properly.

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