Can you put extensions in short hair?

Would you love to have a long and luscious hairstyle but currently have short hair? Well, the bad news is that it can take years to grow your hair to a decent length. The good news is hair extensions can give you instant length and volume without waiting for several years.

So, the question is: Can you put extensions in short hair? and How to do it the right way? Let’s explore with Jen Hair!

Can you put extensions in short hair?

The fantastic news for ladies with short hair is you can consider lots of hair extension methods. When you buy hair extensions, you should choose real hair instead of synthetic hair strands, because they have many impurities that are harmful to your own hair. You can also ask the store staff for advice.

Can you put extensions in short hair?
Extensions in short hair. Photo: Allure

Note: You can put extensions only if your real hair is at least 10 cm long. Because of that, the new connection is sure between real hair and hair extensions. Moreover, the layer of real hair must be relatively thick enough to cover the joints so that the hair is not exposed and looks more natural.

How to put hair extensions in short hair?

Because short hair is much weaker than long hair, especially for people with thin hair, choosing an inappropriate hair extension method can lead to hair damage. Of course, while there are lots of different hair extension methods that you can use, it is recommended to put tape-in hair extensions in short hair.

Tape in extensions on short hair. Photo: Ipecal

In order to put extensions in short hair, you can do it yourself by following the instructions and practicing first. You can also ask a friend to help or you can go to a hairdresser but it can be a bit expensive.

Note: You need to prepare these items: tape-in hair extensions, a brush, clips/ hair ties, and a mirror.

Now, let’s start putting extensions in short hair!

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair

Prepare your hair. Photo: Lewigs

A general rule is to wash and dry your hair thoroughly before putting extensions on short hair. This not only protects your hair but also prolongs the life of the extension. If you leave your hair dirty before applying the wefts, the hair can easily come out.

Then, use your fingers or a comb to section your hair horizontally about 1 inch from the nape of your neck to near the top of your ears. Gather the top half and secure it with bobby pins or a hair tie. Clip a thin strand of hair between 2 hair extensions, one above, one below and then glue these two parts together. You should use a comb to get a very thin section of hair about the same width as your hair.

Step 2: Put extension in hair and repeat the process

Apply tape in extension on your hair. Photo: Wikihow

First, attach the bottom extension underneath the thin hair and then lift your thin hair up. Peel off the adhesive tape that comes with the bottom extension. Then, stick the tape underneath the thin hair growth potion you’re lifting.

Next is to fix the top hair weft. Take the top weft and remove the trip mask, press it up on top of your thin hair and the upper extension and the lower extension must stick together. If your extensions don’t stick together, which means you have too much hair in between them, gently pull some strands out of the bottom extensions with a comb. Repeat the process.

Step 3: Cut and style

Style your extensions. Photo: Besthairbuy

Once you’re done putting extensions, start styling your brand new hair the way you want it to, such as bangs or lobs,… Remember that your hair will carry the weight of additional tresses; thus, the thinner and weaker it is, the shorter your extensions should be.

In addition, you should take care of your extensions and your real hair. Mineral sprays and conditioners in your daily routine are recommended to condition your hair and provide the necessary moisture.

Final thoughts

Of course, the best thing that makes people love to put extensions in short hair is that they look natural and not only increase the length of your hair, but they can also create volume and make the hair appear thicker than it actually is. Plus, you can wear them all year round and not just for special occasions.

Putting extensions in short hair really is a girl’s best friend. We have listed some notes and tutorials for hair extensions, hope you will have a satisfactory hairstyle. If you find the article useful, do not hesitate to like and share this post with your friends!

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