25 Black hairstyles with weave for black women

Over the past few years, a wide variety of weave patterns have arisen. Your favorite celebs helped bring a lot of these issues to light. There are braids, sew-ins, lace fronts, full wigs, quick weaves with curls, quick weaves with very short lengths, and so on.

Finding something that is both appropriate and fashionable might be difficult because there are so many different hair textures. However, that does not obligate you to adopt the same appearance.

This post will look at 25 Black hairstyles with weave for black women that will help you exude confidence wherever you work.

Let’s start now!

25 Black hairstyles with weave

We have a hairstyle that is suitable for each occasion. While some of these styles will take some practice to perfect, the bulk of them are simple to make and can be adjusted to work with a variety of hair lengths.

1. Braid crown braid with waves

When you want to appear royal, a crown braid with waves is the ideal style to wear. It is a large braided crown that is wrapped across the scalp and has waves in its back. The appearance is suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions, such as weddings and business gatherings.

black hairstyles with weave
Stunning deep wave hairstyles to try. Source: TheBeachwaver.Co

2. Waves that are half up and half down

Half-up and half-down waves are more enjoyable than certain other types. They are well-liked since they give you a fresher, younger appearance. To achieve the look, pull your front hair up into a bun and let your back hair down. 

Add delicate strings on both sides of your head or imaginative patterns with your margins (baby hair) to make it uniquely yours.

black hairstyles with weave
Half Up Hairstyles That Are Pretty For 2023. Source: Twitter

3. Braids made of crocheted waves

These wave crochet braids are considerably simpler to weave in than other forms of weaving when you are already proficient in braiding, and they look realistic. Your natural hair must first be cornrowed for crochet braids before you may attach small hair pieces to the braids using a crochet hook. 

black hairstyles with weave
Braiding hair extension crochet braids. Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Crochet braids can be tied upward into a high bun, lower braid, or twisted in a multitude of ways for versatility in styling, just like other types of weave. The style may be as wide or as tight as you choose.

4. A deep side part in the waves

Deep side part waves are extremely beautiful, there is no other way to phrase it. They are perfect for a night out, a date, or any other situation where you’d like to appear your best. If you’re interested in trying it out, go ahead! 

The style goes well with most types of apparel and faces. The styling versatility of deep-side part waves is another benefit. Your deep side part waves can be cut to shoulder length, worn down your back, or even shorter! 

5. Hollywood Waves 

If you want to go all-out glam, go for Hollywood waves. Waves that are consistently large and elegant provide a vintage feel. This design is so versatile that you may wear it with a princess-style wedding gown or a t-shirt and jeans. These weaving haircuts for black girls may seem difficult, but with some practice, they are manageable at home.

black hairstyles with weave
Beautiful Hollywood wave. Source: The Right Hairstyles

6. Pixie cut black hair

The Pixie cut exemplifies how weaves may have a subtle, natural look. Women who don’t want to bother about their hair for too long would look great in this style. Techniques for framing the face, including as layering and bangs, are advantageous to everyone.

7. Sleek straight weave hairstyles for black hair

While still fashionable and organized, this style is easy to maintain. This appearance is renowned for being slick, silky, and active. Everybody looks excellent with a straight, smooth black haircut with weave, regardless of height, skin tone, or face structure.

black hairstyles with weave
Best eye-catching sleek straight weave hairstyles. Source: ONYC Hair

8. Weave blonde bob hair

By using it for a black girl hairstyle with weave, you can achieve the desired look without doing any harm to your hair. Deeper tones that gradually become lighter until they are honey blonde create the sun-kissed attractiveness that is so attractive on black girls’ hairstyles.

9. Curly Pixie

A different hairstyle from the ones mentioned before, with a delicate taper at the temples, intentional sideburns, and big curls at the top of your head. 

black hairstyles with weave
Ideal curly pixie for ladies. Source. Hair Adviser

10. Classic bob

The perfect illustration of a black girl weave hairstyle that flatters any black woman is a classic bob. The cut will appear more modern and trendy if you allow your stylist to add layers to it. Your desired level of stacking and layering will affect how full the bob weave hairstyles for black hair are.

11. Ponytail with waves

Women who want their faces to be the center of attention could try the simple yet stunning wavy ponytail haircut. It only takes a few simple steps to create a wavy ponytail on top of a bun of hair. For a more formal appearance, construct a bun by repeatedly wrapping your wavy ponytail over itself.

black hairstyles with weave
Perfect ponytail with wave makes you love. Source: Behindthechair.com

12. Extremely long waves

Do you enjoy having long, lustrous hair? If so, you need this extraordinarily long wavy style. Although simple, it is as enticing as waves come. Additionally, the waves’ length allows for a multitude of hairstyle options. You might put your hair up in a gentle updo, a low ponytail, a messy bun, or maybe just be creative.

13. Braids in black and silver

If you like a braided hairstyle, there are various weave hairstyles for black girls that give a standout shade, like silver. Long strands of the light color can be easily woven. Regardless of how you put your hair down or in a low updo, people will catch that garish color.

14. Blonde highlights weave

Blonde highlights weave provides the appropriate splash of color to the outfit, illuminating the face and emphasizing the ringlets.

black hairstyles with weave
Quickweave with highlights. Source: West Kiss Hair

15. Waves wearing a headband

When you need a quick and easy wave style, headband waves make sense. A wavy headband wig is the finest way to get this look. However, you may put a headband over your braided, fast-weave, or wavy style.

16. Beach waves

Influencers and celebs are flaunting their beach waves on social media. The outfit pairs beautifully with a crew neck shirt and leggings, a vibrant jumpsuit, and has a lovely bohemian vibe.

17. The wavy lob

This wavy lob is just gorgeous. It features a center part, a lot of volume in the crown, and a lovely natural sheen. It’s long enough to frame your face without being obtrusive or high-maintenance.

black hairstyles with weave
Wavy Lob Haircuts That Never Go Out Of Fashion. Source: Hair Adviser

18. Deep wave wig

While still protecting your curls, deep-wave wigs let you experiment with various textures and hairstyles. To keep the wig in place, use hairspray or wig adhesive.

19. Jumbo high bun

A traditional business look is a high or low bun. To give infant hair a sleeker appearance, use a styling gel; then, for a few days, cover it with a satin scarf or bonnet.

black hairstyles with weave
Stunning jumbo high bun for a black girl. Source: toia barry

20. Knotless braids bun

When choosing protective braided designs that can last up to five weeks, try this enormous knotless bun and accent it with a head wrap.

21. Low cut

When their hair is shaved into a low cut, many women feel emancipated. Therefore, if you want to see a change in your curls, this can be it.

22. Slick back ponytail

Try a braid, a ponytail with waves, or even wrap a ribbon around it instead of a bun! Add an extension ponytail to lengthen your look while smoothing down your lovely curls with an edge control gel.

black hairstyles with weave
Slicked-back ponytails that are so easy to do. Source: Heat magazine

23. Twisted ginger locs

By selecting to add some ginger loc extensions, you may give your locs some color. This may endure up to four weeks; just make sure the loc gel is flat on the scalp hair.

24. Barbie-inspired ash blonde bob

Wigs come in a variety of colors, including this ash-blonde one that was inspired by Barbie. Maintain a straight look or experiment with curls and waves.

25. Body wave wig

You may be able to choose a center or side portion with some wigs. Pick a body wave hair type for a more bouncy appearance.


1. Do black girls have weaves?

Yes. No doubt. Weaves drastically reduce the amount of time needed to style hair in the morning. They make it possible for Black women to go from the workplace to the workout to a night out without worrying about their hair or scheduling time to repair it. They are the ideal solution for getting up and moving.

2. How much does a weave cost for a black girl?

Getting weaves may often cost anything from $200 and $10,000.

3. Do weaves damage black hair?

While there are many options available with these hairstyles, wearing them without the right care and safeguards might harm your natural hair and even result in hair loss. It can be damaging to hair since wearing a weave frequently necessitates pulling a woman’s natural hair firmly back.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, In recent years, weaves have captured the hearts of women. The greatest way to maintain your hair and even change up your look is with a weave. The most popular black hair weave hairstyles in 2023 may make it challenging to pick just one. Don’t let the decision overwhelm you since it will all look great.

Which black hairstyles with weave best fit for you? Please leave a comment dơn below with your thoughts on the various black hair weave styles you’ve noticed.

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