Quick weave vs sew in: Which one is better?

When it comes to choosing between a quick weave and a sew-in, it is important to understand the key differences and benefits of each method. Both quick weaves and sew-ins are popular hairstyling techniques that allow for versatility and the ability to change hairstyles without altering your natural hair. 

In this article, Jen Hair will provide you with a detailed comparison of quick weave vs sew in. We will explore the characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks of them to help you make an informed decision about which option is better suited to your needs. Let’s continue reading!

Quick weave: An overview

quick weave vs sew in
Quick weaves provide protective styles as your natural hair can still rest and grow. Photo: Studio Techilo

A quick weave is a hairstyling technique that involves glueing hair extensions onto a protective cap or directly onto the natural hair. It is called a “quick” weave because it typically takes less time to install compared to other methods like sew-ins. Quick weaves offer various styling options, allowing you to achieve different looks and experiment with different hair textures, lengths, and colors.

Quick weaves are popular for their affordability and convenience. They are a great option for those who desire a temporary hairstyle change or want to try out a new look without a long-term commitment. 

Sew in: An overview

quick weave vs sew in
Sew-ins provide a secure and long-lasting hairstyle option, as the extensions are tightly sewn into place. Photo: Hair Sessions

A sew-in, also known as a weave or a hair extension installation, involves attaching hair extensions to the natural hair using a needle and thread. The process requires braiding the natural hair into cornrows or creating a base with a weaving net, and then sewing the wefts of hair onto the foundation. 

Sew-ins offer versatility in styling and can withstand various activities, including swimming and intense physical activities, without the risk of the style becoming loose or undone. Sew-ins are favored by many because of their durability and the ability to maintain a natural look.

Quick weave vs sew in: What’s the difference?

While both quick weaves and sew-ins serve the purpose of enhancing one’s hairstyle, there are significant differences between the two methods. Here are some criteria for our “quick weave vs sew in” comparison. 

   1. Installation process

Quick weaves involve gluing the hair extensions onto a protective cap or directly onto the natural hair. The process is relatively quick and can be completed in a salon or at home with the right tools and techniques. 

quick weave vs sew in
Sewing in hair requires effort and a lot of time. Photo: Layla Hair

On the other hand, sew-ins require braiding the natural hair into cornrows or creating a base with a weaving net, followed by sewing the wefts of hair onto the foundation. Sew-ins generally take longer to install and often require professional assistance.

To be more specific, you will need at least a half hour or an hour to install a quick weave, however, you have to spend from two to three hours installing a sew in. 

   2. Durability

Sew ins are known for their longevity and ability to withstand daily activities. The tight sewing technique ensures that the extensions stay in place for an extended period, typically ranging from four to eight weeks. Quick weaves, on the other hand, are temporary and can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the adhesive used and how well they are maintained.

   3. Versatility

quick weave vs sew in
Quick weaves are better than sew ins in terms of versatility. Photo: Hair Extensions Amsterdam

Quick weaves offer more versatility in terms of styling options. Since the hair extensions are glued onto a protective cap or directly onto the natural hair, they can be easily removed and replaced with different styles. Quick weaves allow you to experiment with different hair textures, lengths, and colors without any permanent commitment.

Sew-ins, while less flexible in terms of changing styles, offer versatility in terms of styling the installed hair. With a sew-in, you can curl, straighten, or braid the hair extensions just like your natural hair. This makes sew-ins a popular choice for those who want a long-lasting and natural-looking hairstyle.


   1. Which is better: a quick weave or a sew-in?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences and requirements. If you are looking for a temporary and versatile hairstyle that allows you to experiment with different looks, a quick weave may be the better option for you. However, if you prefer a long-lasting and secure hairstyle that can withstand various activities, a sew-in may be the more suitable choice. 

   2. Are quick weaves uncomfortable?

Quick weaves can be uncomfortable if not installed properly or if the adhesive used is of low quality. It is essential to ensure that the glue or adhesive used is skin-friendly and doesn’t cause any irritation or discomfort. 

Additionally, the tightness of the weave or the weight of the extensions can also contribute to discomfort. Therefore, we recommend having a professional stylist install the quick weave to ensure it is done correctly and comfortably.

   3. Is a quick weave a good protective style?

Yes, a quick weave can be a good protective style for your natural hair. When installed correctly, a quick weave allows your natural hair to rest and grow while providing a desired hairstyle. It helps protect your natural hair from daily manipulation, heat styling, and environmental damage. 

However, improper installation or long-term use of quick weaves without proper hair care can lead to hair damage. Be sure to follow the necessary maintenance and care routines to keep your hair healthy while wearing a quick weave.

Final thoughts

Choosing between a quick weave and a sew-in ultimately comes down to your personal preferences, lifestyle, and desired hairstyle. Both methods offer unique benefits and considerations that should be taken into account before making a decision. We have provided you with some of the most information about quick weave vs sew in. Since then, the choice is now more simple for you!

Remember, whether you choose a quick weave or a sew-in, proper hair care and maintenance are crucial to keep your natural hair healthy and ensure the longevity of your chosen hairstyle. 

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