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In the realm of stunning hair hues, the Standard #17C Human Hair Vietnam Color Bulk stands as a testament to elegance with its captivating deeper shade. 

This color, darker and richer than its counterpart, #16C, embodies sophistication and allure, offering a versatile palette for a myriad of style possibilities.


Embrace the Allure of Deeper Tones with Standard #17C HUMAN HAIR VIETNAM

The #17C Human Hair Vietnam Color Bulk introduces a captivating depth, presenting a darker hue that exudes unparalleled sophistication. With its rich tones, this shade adds a touch of luxury to any look, effortlessly complementing diverse skin tones and styles. From bold and dramatic to understated and chic, this color unlocks a world of versatility, allowing for seamless integration into various fashion statements and personal styles.


Superior Quality for Exceptional Confidence

Crafted from the finest Vietnamese human hair, this product ensures exceptional quality that exceeds expectations. Each strand boasts durability and a luxurious texture, providing a smooth and silky feel that elevates your confidence with every wear. 

The natural sheen and manageability of this hair bulk empower you to experiment with diverse hairstyles, from sleek sophistication to voluminous elegance, all while maintaining its impeccable quality.

Why Opt for Standard #17C?

  • Rich, Deeper Hue: Embrace a sophisticated, darker shade that exudes elegance and versatility in styling.
  • Premium Vietnamese Hair: Experience the unmatched quality of Vietnamese human hair, ensuring longevity and luxurious texture.
  • Versatile Styling Options: From everyday looks to special occasions, this shade complements various styles and fashion preferences seamlessly.
  • Confidence in Quality: Enjoy the confidence of wearing chemical-free, premium hair bulk with no unwanted odors.

Elevate Your Style Statement

Picture the endless possibilities that unfold with the Standard #17C Human Hair Vietnam Color Bulk. Enhance your everyday style or create bold new looks that speak volumes about your personality. Whether it’s a subtle change or a complete transformation, this shade empowers you to express yourself with confidence and sophistication.

There are many color bulk hair for you to choose in Jen Hair
There are many color bulk hair for you to choose in Jen Hair

Final Thoughts

The Standard #17C Human Hair Vietnam Color Bulk isn’t just a hair color; it’s an embodiment of depth and elegance. With its exceptional quality, luxurious hues, and versatility, it presents a canvas for limitless styling opportunities. Elevate your beauty to new heights with this stunning hair product that promises sophistication and confidence in every strand. Choose excellence, choose Standard #17C at Jenhair Wholesale – where quality and style converge effortlessly.

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  1. Dorothy

    The hair is beautiful in person and better than the product description on the website, I really like it

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