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Are you finding a trustworthy business that produces high-quality items in order to get the desired look in the world of hair extensions and wigs? You search for this topic and come across a wide range of products from Isee Hair.

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To evaluate the reputation of the company and the quality of the product, it is crucial to read Isee hair reviews before making a purchase. In this post, you will acquire a lot of important information such as the product range, price, shipping cost, and so on.

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Isee Hair: An overview

isee hair reviews
Isee Hair is a reliable site in the hair extension business. Source: Isee Hair

Isee Hair is a reliable site in the hair extension business. Source: Isee Hair

Isee Hair is a Chinese company that specializes in high-quality, 100% human hair and has received positive customer ratings. Customers can purchase hair from this reputable hair brand by visiting the factory run by Isee Hair, which has over 20 years of experience in the hair business.

Having grown into one of the biggest human hair organizations in the world, they offer high-quality hair at competitive prices with a strong supply capability. This brand is a well-known hair extension business. They supply clients all around the world with a huge selection of premium hair products. They take pride in offering numerous hair products, which fit various various preferences and demands.

Isee Hair reviews

Isee Hair has made a name for itself in the market by delivering high-quality hair extensions, wigs, and associated accessories. However, it is crucial to take every corner of Isee hair’s products into consideration

In this part, we will provide you with each aspect of Isee Hair reviews so that you can decide whether Isee Hair is trustworthy or not.


Isee Hair is renowned for providing wigs and human hair extensions of the highest caliber. They offer several different hair varieties, such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Indian hair, in a variety of textures, including straight, body wave, curly, and deep wave. Customers frequently compliment the company’s products on their longevity, tenderness, and natural appearance.

The genuineness of Isee Hair’s hair is valued by many clients. The company says it only buys hair from dependable vendors who can guarantee that it is 100 percent human hair. When wearing extensions or wigs, this feature is essential for achieving a natural and smooth appearance.

Let’s have a closer look at Isee Hair’s range of products

  1. Mico-bead or micro-ring extensions: This kind of product is one of the most favorite ones voted by a series of customers thanks to its high-quality and reasonable prices.
  2. Full lace wigs: Isee Hair provides you with top-notch full lace wigs. They offer you a natural-looking and adaptable styling choice. 
  3. Virgin hair bundles: High-quality virgin human hair bundles in a variety of lengths, textures, and styles are offered by Isee Hair. These packages are raw materials that can be colored, bleached, or styled to your tastes.
  4. Lace front wigs: The majority of these wigs are made of a different material, but the lace front, which extends from ear to ear, gives them a natural-looking hairline.
  5. Lace frontals: They are also offered for people who like to make a natural-looking portion.


Isee Hair products are typically thought to be of good quality. Numerous clients have remarked on how silky, smooth, and tangle-free the hair is. The items are frequently complimented for their robustness and natural appearance. 

For example, one of the most popular products from Isee Hair is 8A Brazilian Virgin Straight Human Hair Bundles. It features high-quality, straight human hair sourced from Brazilian donors. It offers a sleek and smooth texture with a natural shine and comes in various lengths and colors. This texture is versatile and can be styled in various ways to achieve different looks.

isee hair reviews
Products from Isee Hair will not make you disappointed. Source: Made in


Isee Hair offers a large selection of Chinese hair extensions at an economical price list. According to Isee Hair reviews, Isee Hair products source their hair from countries that offer cheap hair extensions, which would result in significant cost savings for customers. 

Depending on the type of hair, Isee Hair offers a wide variety of pricing for Chinese hair extension items, including bundles, hair textures, and human hair grade.

  • Hair wigs: $170 – $190/ item
  • Clip-ins: $75 – $86/ 100g
  • Ponytail: $72 – $93/ 10 inches
  • Straight hair: $71 – $168/ item

Isee Hair’s products are generally inexpensive and accessible on the global market, although they do cost a little more than those made by other Chinese hair enterprises. 


All hair products purchased from the website are shipped for free internationally (except for remote areas). However, extra-item accessories like a satin hat or an elastic band cannot be transported separately; only hair packages are allowed.

To ensure that products arrive as soon and effectively as possible, Isee Hair shipping service provides a number of delivery options. DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT are among the shipping providers that Isee Hair has long used. 

Within days after receiving full payment, in-stock items will be shipped out. Depending on the details, it could take 5-7 days on average to complete your order. For US and European buyers, you may receive your orders more quickly. Additionally, you will not need to pay extra for the shipping fee.

isee hair reviews
Shipping options offered by Isee Hair must fascinate you. Source: Isee Hair

Customer service

The motto of Isee Hair is “Exciting pricing, dependable quality,” and the company is dedicated to providing the greatest human virgin hair with trustworthy customer service. They work very hard to combine customer service and product sales, listen to their customers through a range of sharing and interactive platforms, and improve the quality of their goods and services based on Isee hair reviews. 

You can contact the customer service department through a series of platforms such as their website, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

They have pre-sale and after-sale service so that you can enjoy your shopping time best. They are ensured to reply to you within 24 hours. Whenever you have problems with your orders, they will try their best to help you solve the problems.

Return policy

To guarantee that customers are happy with their hair products, Isee Hair offers a clear and flexible return policy. 

Within 15 days, they are responsible for any goods that are not damaged artificially or sent in the wrong type, color, or length. Within 30 days of receiving your item, you can start a return if you’re unhappy with your purchase. To be eligible for a return, the item must be unopened, unworn, and in its original packaging.

The best after-sale guarantee and a perfect return and exchange policy and refund system are provided for you.

Customer reviews on Isee Hair

Let’s examine some actual customer feedback to learn more about Isee Hair’s reputation. Based on Isee Hair reviews, customers have reported that:

  • Great quality, the hair is very soft
  • The hair gets thin on the ends
  • Worth buying
  • The hair had minimal shedding, no tangling which is a plus.
  • True to length
  • Fast delivery

Is it worth buying hair from Isee Hair?

After considering a series of reviews related to the brand’s reputation along with its range of products, it seems that Isee Hair is a reliable site.

However, the worth of shopping at Isee Hair ultimately depends on your personal needs, and tastes, and how much emphasis you regard to factors like quality, variety, customer service, and price. Take into account the suggestions made above, go through customer reviews, and ask for recommendations from reliable people who have used Isee Hair products themselves. This might assist you in making a selection that is more in line with your needs and expectations.


1. Is Isee hair good?

In the hair extension and wig industries, Isee Hair is typically regarded as a trustworthy brand. They are renowned for offering premium human hair products that are appreciated for their durability, tenderness, and natural appearance. Numerous clients of Isee Hair have spoken highly about the company and the caliber of their hair extensions and wigs.

isee hair reviews
Products from Isee Hair deserve a try: Oh my hair

2. Is Isee Hair legit?

The hair extension and wig industry does recognize Isee Hair as a legitimate brand. They have a reputation for being a reliable source of real human hair items and for their excellence in design and production. To assure authenticity, the business only purchases its hair from dependable and well-known vendors. To help with questions and offer support to customers, they have a customer service team.

3. How long does Isee Hair take to deliver?

The shipping method you choose, your location, and any relevant customs procedures can all affect how quickly you receive Isee Hair items. Following the confirmation of the payment, Isee Hair typically processes and ships orders within 1-2 business days.

4. Where to buy Isee Hair’s products?

You can purchase Isee Hair products directly from their own website. Additionally, Amazon, AliExpress, or eBay, where you can compare prices and shipping options.

Final thoughts

To sum up, investigating Isee Hair reviews before making a decision to buy hair extensions or wigs can give important information about consumer satisfaction with the brand and its products. Potential customers can make wise judgments by evaluating aspects like quality, authenticity, a wide variety of products, customer service, and longevity. 

If you have any feedback regarding Isee Hair or inquiries about our review, please get in touch with us. Please feel free to share your ideas by leaving a comment below.

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