Discovering 50+ best ion hair color chart with all shades

The ion hair color chart has a palette of several luxurious shades that help you change the appearance perfectly. If you want to dye your hair but you have no idea in mind about the right tone and right level. 

Let us provide you with this trending mixing hair color chart and more guidance to get a perfect shade of hair color. 

In the article below, Jenhair would like to provide you all information about the Ion hair color charts that are most loved by clients in order to help you make the right decision. 

What is ion hair color chart 

Hair Color Charts

Hair color charts are tools used in the beauty and hairstyling industry to help individuals choose and communicate their desired hair colors. These charts typically show a range of hair colors and shades, often organized by categories like natural colors, warm tones, cool tones, and fashion colors. They are used by hairstylists and individuals to select the right hair dye or hair color product.

ion hair color chart
Hair color chart |

Ion Hair Color Chart

Ion is known as a popular brand that is very famous for its hair care and hair coloring products. They offer a wide range of hair color products, including permanent hair dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes, and temporary hair color sprays. Ion products are often used by individuals who want to achieve a variety of hair colors, from natural-looking shades to bold and vibrant hues.

Ion may provide its own hair color chart to assist customers in selecting the right shade for their hair. A typical hair color chart would include a spectrum of colors with each shade labeled and assigned a unique name or number for easy reference. The chart may also indicate each color’s undertones (warm, cool, neutral) and the expected results on different hair types.

The Ion hair color chart can be used as a reference guide for everyone when it is related to choosing a hair dye or color from their product line. It helps customers understand the final look they can achieve based on their current hair color and type.

Hair color chart
Hair color Ion |

The advantages of ion hair color chart

Ion hair color charts offer several advantages, both for individuals looking to change their hair color and for professionals working in the beauty and haircare industry. Using this hair color chart has some advantages:

  • Visual Reference: Ion hair color charts provide a visual reference of various hair colors. This helps individuals, hairdressers, and colorists understand the range of colors available and choose the one that best suits their preferences or needs.
  • Communication: Hair color charts enable better communication between clients and stylists. Clients can point to specific shades on the chart to convey their preferences about the desired color, which will reduce the chances of miscommunication and misunderstandings.


brilliance color
Ion brilliance hair color chart |
  • Comparison: Individuals can compare different shades and tones on the hair color chart to find the one that matches their current hair color or the one they want to achieve. This makes it easier to transition between colors or make gradual changes. This hair color chart can also be a source of inspiration for those looking to try something new
  • Education: Hair color charts of Ion can be one of valuable educational tools for beauty professionals and students learning about hair coloring techniques. They help teach color theory, including the principles of color mixing and how to achieve specific shades.
Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color Chart
Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color Chart | Pinterest

Ion hair color chart has come from a famous brand – Ion so it can also reflect current hair color trends, making it easier for both professionals and consumers to stay updated on what’s fashionable and in demand.

In conclusion, using a hair color chart to select a desired shade, individuals can save time in the salon or when shopping for hair color product. The hair color chart of ion is a valuable resource for anyone involved in the process of choosing, applying, or maintaining hair color

How to pick the right tone from ion hair color chart

To use a hair color chart effectively, follow these steps:

Determine your current hair color

Start by assessing your current hair color, including any underlying tones or previous dye jobs.

Identify your desired color

Decide on the hair color you want to achieve, taking into account factors like skin tone and personal preferences.

Consult the ion hair color chart with target levels

Look at the hair color chart provided by the brand, in this case is Ion. Locate the shade or color that closely matches your desired result.

Brights Semi Permanent
Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi Permanent | eBay

Follow instructions

Pay attention to the undertones listed on the chart to ensure they complement your skin tone and preferences (e.g., warm, cool, neutral).

Follow the instructions on the Ion hair color product you choose carefully for the best results. This typically involves mixing the product, applying it evenly to your hair, and allowing it to process for the recommended time.

Top 10+ ion hair color chart

There are a lot of beautiful hair colors from Ion that people love to try. Most hair colors are numbered on a level system from level 1 darkest (black) – to level 10 lightest (blonde). Level 1 is darkest as black, and if the number gets higher, the color also gets lighter. The lightest shade of blonde is on level 10. All the numbers represent the shade of hair color chart fall in between. 

Hair Color Levels
Hair Color Levels | WunderKult

Hair Color Levels | WunderKult

For instance, level 5 on the chart is medium brown because it’s right in the middle between black and blonde, while level 7 is medium blonde. This is about the level of color you should know before dyeing your hair, but not the hair color itself. Please determine your color you desire then choose the hair tone you want to achieve on the ion hair color chart. 

Many clients frequently recommend some of Ion’s popular hair color products, such as:

Ion Color Brilliance
Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Ion Hair Color Chart (2.05 oz) |
Ion Color Brilliance Semi
Ion Color Brilliance Semi Permanent Shark Blue Shade | Poshmark

How to mix colors from hair color chart together

In case you are not able to find a color from the Ion color chart that fits perfectly what you desire and decide to make a new color by mixing tones, please be cautious. Mixing colors or mixing a variety of tones that are opposite of each other can result in browning and it can make your hair look more terrible. 

Ion Hair Color Chart
Ion Hair Color Chart For Beginners |

Mixing more than one hair color shades together can be a fine way to get more natural look. If you want to touch lighter or darker, cooler or warmer, pinker or purplier then you need to add in another color

When you dye your hair at a salon, the colorist will suggest you choose based on your skin tone, your natural hair color, your undertones and sometimes your eyes color.  Hair colors you can mix together are:

  • Red and brown
  • Red and purple,
  • Red and black
  • Blue and black
  • Brown and purple
  • Ash blonde and silver
  • Light and dark browns

Please make sure all the colors you want to blend together are from the same warm or cool family. 

Final thoughts

You can save this article about ion hair color chart to your library and review it whenever you need. The most important thing is just keep in mind you look carefully at the ion color chart before using or purchasing. 

Do you have any questions for topics that Jenhair didn’t address? Please drop your thoughts in the comment section below and we will solve it for you soon. 

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