Steps guide how to wear halo hair extensions

If you often have to use halo hair extensions, you should not ignore our article. We will show you how to wear halo hair extensions with simple steps at home. Just a few simple steps like retouching natural hair and a few small pins, don’t worry if you are not really skillful. Although it’s hard to believe, that’s all that’s needed. With 10 minutes you will definitely be able to. Let’s wear halo hair extensions together.

How to wear halo hair extensions?

Before going into the hair extension part, I hope you will prepare some basic tools such as: hair extensions, a comb, two hair elastics.

Step 1: Standard for your own hair

First you need to clean your hair, this will of course make the overall look of your hair more complete when done with halo hair extensions. Next, brush your hair neatly so that the curls are in place.

how to wear halo hair extensions
Clean and brush your hair

Step 2: Determine the hair extension

Take all the hair from the crown and tie it up. Secure the selected section of hair with a hair band.

Remember to leave a small section of hair in front of the crown to create a more natural-looking finish. 

how to wear halo hair extensions
Determine the hair extensions

Step 3: Apply halo hair extensions

Adjust the length of the hair extension to suit the length of the head circumference, apply it on the border between the two sections of hair that we have selected before. And then remove the top part of the bun and gently comb it with a specialized comb so that the hair extensions and hair are uniform.

how to wear halo hair extensions
Apply halo hair extensions (Source: Youtube)

How to put in halo hair extensions in a bun?

Similar to the items above you should prepare, clean and attach the hair extensions as usual. To put in halo hair extensions in a bun, preparation is really important because you will only need to pull your hair into a bun with your hands or brush it very lightly.

Take a piece of real hair at the nape of the neck to fix it instead of a lanyard. Finally, fix it with bobby pins.

Put in halo hair extensions in a bun (Source: Amazon)
Put in halo hair extensions in a bun (Source: Amazon)

How to apply halo hair extensions in a low ponytail?

Step1: Clean your hair 

Before applying any halo extension hair model you need to clean your natural hair first. This is the basic step but depends a lot on the following steps. You can clean your hair with your usual shampoo, it’s best to use conditioner for your hair. It is recommended to dry the hair 100% before performing hair extensions to avoid causing the scalp to clog and possibly cause hair diseases.

Step 2: Apply halo hair extensions

Divide your hair into two parts: the lower part of the hair close to the nape of the neck just enough for the shoe to be able to clip the halo hair extension, the upper part is fixed with a tie. Clip the part of the hair that connects to the base of the boundary line between the 2 divided hair parts. Gently stroke with your hand so that the halo hair extensions blend in with the natural hair.

Step 3: Apply halo hair extensions in a low ponytail

Use a comb to divide your hair into two parts according to the middle part or 3/7 part as you like. Tie all the hair close to the nape of the neck and secure it, then cover the inner hair band with a small outer hair tie for a more natural look overall.

Low ponytail hair extension
Low ponytail hair extension

Tips for wearing halo hair extensions

In addition to the basic steps we have guided above, you should refer to some tips below to make the halo hair extensions better:

  • After the hair is soaked and treated, you should wash and dry it, do not wash it with detergents and shampoo. This step increases the contact area
  • Halo sets are generally manufactured for a variety of head sizes. so you should resize it accordingly. We recommend that you bring them with you when you get your hair done at the salon so the barber can trim to the style they’ve created for you. This will also aid in styling the hair after applying it.
  • In addition, you should choose a color that is close to or similar to your real hair color. so both new hair types fit together and look like one.

Final thoughts

With three quick steps you can apply the halo hair extensions. We believe that after this article you will have desired hair extensions, improving all natural hair defects. It really helps with your outfits. We hope to have brought useful information to our readers. 

If you have any other questions regarding hair extensions, please do not hesitate to contact us for the best support.

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