How to store a wig? A simple guide to store wigs correctly

It is a fact that the durability of your wigs depends on how you store them. Your hair endures a longer time and is tangle-free when you store it well. However, do you find it hard to seek an efficient way of storing a wig? You are dumping a series of guidelines on the Internet, right? 

You’re in the best spot if you’re uncertain of how to do this or aren’t quite sure where to begin. These are some of our go-to methods for properly storing wigs so that your bobs continue to bob and your inches stay longer. With this guidance, learn how to store a wig effectively, and keep your hair always looking great.

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The importance of storing wigs correctly

how to store a wig
Knowing how to store a wig is so important to increase wigs’ longevity. Source: Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique

Why are good storage and handling methods so crucial? Whether you’re wearing human hair or a synthetic wig, protecting it properly and securely is essential for maintaining vitality and extending its life expectancy. 

If you do not know how to care for your wig thoroughly and properly, after a period of use it will encounter many problems: dryness, frizz, hair loss,…A wig is obviously a significant investment, and taking the proper care of it will ensure that it lasts for the entire year and continues to appear natural and glossy. Therefore, each user needs to know the important principles of wig care to keep the hair perfect.

How? Read on!

How to store a wig correctly?

how to store a wig
Storing a wig may be easier than you expect. Source: The Guardian Nigeria

No matter how valuable the product is, if you don’t know how to properly store the wig, they are quickly damaged and difficult to recover. You should comply, follow our instructions, surely your wig can be used longer.

What you needs: 

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • A hairdryer (if needed)
  • A mannequin
  • A satin bag
  • A shoebox.

Step 1. Cleanse and condition

Apply a clarifying shampoo or wig-friendly cleanser (for artificial hair) to rinse your hair and get rid of any oil or grime buildup before preserving your wig. 

Additionally, before wrapping, conditioning, and delicately detangling your wigs, pay special attention to the wavy human hair units. For synthetic hair pieces, think about giving them a brief spray of wig-friendly leave-in conditioner. 

Step 2. Dry the wig

Can you imagine the smell of wet clothes? That’s exactly the smell when you store your wigs when it’s wet. Your wigs must be completely 100% dry by air before they can be stored. Because light moisture could lead wigs into a situation of filling with mould and mildew.

If you are uncertain of the question like “Can you put a wig in the dryer”, you can visit our blog and find more information related to this and so on.

Step 3. Store your wig

After your wig’s well dried, it is proper to store it. These are some great methods to store your wigs.

  1. Store your wigs on a wig mannequin

A personal favorite, mannequin storage is a terrific alternative for wig storage, especially for straight or curly wigs. Your hair will stay in style and keep its shape with this storage technique. 

As long as it’s in an area that is cool and dry, you may choose from a styrofoam mattress, canvas heads, or a folding wig stand.

  1. Store your wigs in a satin bag
how to store a wig
The easiest way to protect your wigs. Source: Xrbeautyhair

You might also consider keeping your wigs in a satin wig bag for storage. This helps maintain it silky and keeps it from tangling.  A short Google search will reveal many options for satin wig bags, and what’s more, they occupy almost no room. 

  1. Store your wigs in a shoebox

For convenient storage, especially if you need to travel or carry your wig, you may always place your wigs flat in a shoebox. But make sure that there is one wig for each one of yours, and that the box is totally dry. 

Tips for storing a wig

how to store a wig
Are you finding the ways to store your wig?. Source: The Wonderful Wig Company

When storing your wig, you need to notice a few things below:

  1. Clean your wig before storing it. Cleaning your wig every week, especially before storing, is the only way to keep it always looking as new as possible. In order to avoid further harm to your wig, you have to use caution while washing it. To stop the hair from matting, comb it through gently without rumpling.
  2. Make sure your wig is completely dry before storing it. You can use a blow dryer to make it dry faster. However, the best way to dry your wig is by leaving it to air dry.
  3. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat. If synthetic wigs are constantly exposed to direct sunshine, their colors may fade. Additionally, avoid storing your wig or topper in an airing cupboard or another area that gets too warm.
  4. If you store the wigs on heads or stands, make you they’re shielded from dust, pets and children.
  5. It is the best choice to detangle your wig with a conditioner. This helps you avoid breakage and the falling out of wig effectively. 


1. Can wigs be stored in plastic?

Wigs can indeed be kept in plastic. Nylon wig storage bags with this function in mind are widely available from wig producers. Wigs can also be kept in plastic bins, storage cubes, or other containers that are made to shield them from airborne contaminants like dust and dampness.

2. How to keep your wigs from drying out?

To keep your wigs always in a good condition, it is crucial to prevent drying out. Take these methods to prevent your wigs from drying out”

  • Clean your wig usually
  • Use heat protectant
  • Avoid over-styling
  • Store with care
  • Use a moisturizer

By using these tips, you can keep your wigs from drying out easier and ensure they remain looking pretty.

3. How do you tack down a wig in daily use?

It’s crucial to make sure the wig is well fastened to your head when wearing one every day. There are numerous ways to tack down a wig, depending on the design of your wig and the style you want. 

If the hairpiece has hooks stitched onto it, you can attach them by placing them on a few hair strands and pressing them down tightly. You can connect your wig to your head using adjustable combs if it has a specified circumference.

Final thoughts

When talking about how to store a wig, these things above are extremely pivotal. Ensure that you have the best wig accessories you can find. Also, do not forget to clean them often. By spending time and caring for your wig, it’s obvious to love you back. 

Do you find it helpful to store your wig after reading this article? We hope you found a useful way to protect your wig! 

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