How to brush a wig? The ultimate guide to smoothening your hair

Have you ever had difficulty in taking care of your wigs? Have you spent a large amount of time surfing the Internet to find methods to brush a wig and try to detangle it?

In order to better maintain your wig and extend its lifespan, it is crucial that you make use of various tips on how to brush a wig.

Want to discover right now? So let’s check out several useful steps and pieces of advice on how to brush a wig in this article.

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Should you brush your wig?

It is crucial to brush your wig on a regular basis and upkeep it with a view to maintaining a stunning appearance whether you use synthetic or human hair. This enables you to remove any knots that might accumulate and spread over time.

Bear in mind that you should not use too much regular brushing on your wig. Wigs must be handled gently, especially those made of real human hair.

After all, both real hair and synthetic wigs will tangle if improper care is not taken of them. Also, smaller knots are far simpler to remove than larger ones. Therefore, when you opt to use wigs in the long run, you should acquire a proper wig care routine.

how to brush a wig
Is it necessary to brush your wig? Source:

How to brush a wig?

Depending on the type of wig, the maintenance procedures differ slightly although they bear the similarities of minimizing breakage and damage. Check out these suggestions for caring for wigs to keep your wig looking fantastic.

What you will need: wig brushes, clips.

Now, let’s dive deeper into how to brush a wig! 

how to brush a wig
Some steps to brush a wig properly. Source: Lewigs Human Hair

Step 1: Firmly secure your wig

This is an extremely essential part because if you do not fix your wig on a steady surface, you can not brush it properly, even make it a mess. You can put your wig on the mannequin head and secure it there with a few T-pins. Additionally, putting your wig on your head and brushing is also an excellent choice.

Step 2: Apply conditioner to your wig. 

Your wigs need conditioner to keep them soft, moisturized, and shiny. The wig should then be liberally sprayed with a high-quality wig conditioner to make it simpler to brush out.

Step 3: Part your wigs off.

To avoid becoming too frustrated when working with small strands of hair, grab your wide-tooth comb and begin sectioning the wigs. Use the clips to secure hair out of the way in the direction you wish.

Step 4: Brush wigs. 

It could be a little more challenging to brush your wig than your natural hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb the hair down, working your way up from the bottom. You can move up a few inches and start to comb down again working out the tangles when you’ve cleared the ends of your hair of tangles. In order to prevent ripping out the hair, please be careful and delicate when brushing your hair.

  • How to brush a synthetic wig

Before and after wearing, attempt to brush your synthetic wig. If your synthetic wig is especially tangled, finger-comb any knots before brushing the hair. To properly brush through and untangle your synthetic wigs, sectioning the wig before you start brushing can be quite helpful.

Synthetic hair is more likely to frizzing and tangling. So you should have a series of special tools and guide of caring them properly. Using conditioner is also a good solution to improve its texture and look.

how to brush a wig
Notice some steps on how to brush a wig. Source: The Renatural
  • How to brush a human hair wig

Although human hair is prone to be more durable and last longer, you still need to have an effective hair care routine. This helps your human hair wig to look more shining and brighter.

The procedures are comparable to brushing a synthetic-fiber wig. You still need to follow the route that brushing for wigs should start at the bottom and move higher.

Step 5: Finish brushing. 

Once a section has been thoroughly brushed, move on to the next one. Make sure to separate the brushed hair from the tangled hair as you go along. Pull out the clips once you’ve finished with all the sections.

Tips for brushing your wig

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when brushing your wig, making it softer and last longer.

1. Using the right tools

Not all brushes and combs made for natural hair may also be used on wigs. Since different producers utilize various types of materials, their recommendations vary. Therefore, it depends on a lot on which material wigs are made of and how they are made. You should seek detailed guidance on making the finest wig brush selection which is beneficial for you in the long run.

2. Avoid brushing wigs while they are moist 

It’s crucial to avoid brushing a wet wig, especially if it’s made of human hair. That’s because when your wig is damp, it is most fragile and prone to breakage. Make sure your wig is entirely dry before brushing to prevent permanently straining and harming it.

Instead, you can comb through the product with your fingertips. Remember that you should hold off on using a brush or comb until your wig is completely dry.

how to brush a wig
Brushing a wig when it is wet can lead to damage. Source: Advent Hair Blog

3. Brush bottom-to-top

The wigs should be brushed upward from the bottom. If you brush your wig from the roots down, a wig brush or comb might snag knots and remove strands from it. Brushing your wigs roughly can exacerbate tangles and breakage.

To avoid tugging the hair and causing it to move up as you brush, do so in small areas before you start. This will keep the wig looking natural and smooth.

4. Brush curly wigs with your fingers

In order to maintain the appearance of curly wigs, it is best to brush them out with your fingers rather than brushes or combs. Finger detangling is an excellent substitute for conventional tools because it significantly reduces damage to your curls. 

how to brush a wig
Brushing curly wigs with your fingers can also help with their texture. Source: UNice hair

5. Do not use blow dryers on a regular basis

On a human hair wig, heat, and blow dryers are quite safe to use. In contrast, using blow dryers on the synthetic wig can lead to melting the fibers of a synthetic wig which could potentially ruin it. Instead of using a blow dryer, hang your wig on a wig stand to let it air dry after gently wiping it with a towel.

6. Wash your wig properly

Sometimes a thorough washing of your wig is all that is required to have tangle-free wigs! Ideally, you should wash your wig once a week with items made exclusively for wig washing. Use cool water when washing as well to prevent damage. Check out hundreds of guides on the Internet for a step-by-step explanation of how to wash a wig. When effectively washing your wigs, you can free your tangled wigs more easily. 


1. How often should you brush a wig?

It depends on your habit of caring for your wig. The most effective wig-brushing technique is to always keep your wig tidy. You should brush your wig both before and after wearing it. To prevent your synthetic wig from getting tangled, use a detangling spray both before and after each use.

Moreover, wigs require daily brushing and styling just like your own hair does to be healthy and look their best.

2. Can you brush a wig with a normal brush?

It is advisable to avoid brushing the wig with a regular brush if at all feasible. Conventional brushes are too rough for a wig, stretching and pulling out the strands rather than softly detangling them. Wig brushes thus serve to address issues that arise during the brushing of wigs.

3. Do you need special brushes for wigs?

A wig brush aids in giving your wig the proper form. The best wig brush is made specifically for wigs and has bristles or teeth that can easily pass through the wig strands. 

Make sure to use the proper brushes and combs to maintain your hairstyle and stop excessive shedding. For example, wig brushes are created to delicately handle synthetic hair and increase the lifespan of your wigs and extensions. You can also try a flat paddle version with pin teeth if you have already owned a human hair wig.

how to brush a wig
It is necessary to use special tools for wigs. Source: Wigstudio

4. What happens if you brush a wig?

In order to properly take care of your wig, you should apply your hair brush gently to prevent tearing the cap or pulling out the hair. It is highly advisable to use a wide-tooth comb while brushing a human hair wig.

Being gentle when brushing a wig is essential. As a result, you can style it in various ways and in a long term. In comparison to your real hair, wigs are much more delicate, and using too much force might remove hair strands.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have provided you with a series of tips related to how to brush a wig correctly. You can maintain and care for your wig properly by being aware of how to brush your wig. It’s not difficult to take care of your wig, but if you manage it correctly, it might be paid off.

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