How long is 8 inches of hair? 

Nowadays, there are a variety of hair extensions with many different lengths in the market. But, which one most suits you and your style? If you fall in love with short hair, 8 inches of hair is the best choice that you need to consider.

I am sure that you are wondering about how long 8-inch hair looks like. In this post, Jen Hair will give you the answer and proper advice on what hairstyles would look best on it.

We will not waste time anymore and get started right now!

How long is 8-inch hair?

If the number makes it difficult to imagine the length of the hair, you can estimate the length of the hair using your body height. One of the shortest lengths for hair extensions is 8 inches. According to the hair length chart below, an 8-inch hair length is equal to 20 cm. How would 8 inches of hair look? 8-inch straight hair frequently reaches across the ears to help with visualization. 

8 inch hair
8-inch hair is over the ears. Source:

What hairstyles are suitable for 8-inch hair?

There are several appealing hairstyles for 8-inch hair. The short length never limits your ability to switch between many different styles. In reality, 8-inch hair extensions can be fashioned in a variety of ways, including straight, curly, colored, and bone-straight ones. We’ll go into more detail about each hairdo below.

Curly hair

Although some people might worry that 8-inch hair extensions are too short to style in curly patterns, you can entirely perm the hair for however long you would like. It is not too short; the hair is around 20 centimeters long. 

Using the proper hair curlers, you may style the hair into loose, medium, or tight curls. You can also get curly hair extensions from suppliers. Therefore, to change styles more frequently, buying straight hair and temporarily curling it yourself can be a smart option.

8 inch hair
8 inches hair extensions – A fantastic choice for ladies. Source: Pinterest

Color hair

We can’t deny that 8 inches of hair with colors are always desired and recommended by many customers. You can pick from a range of colors, including light colors like blond and ombre blond to dark colors like brown, chestnut, and honey brown. 

Additionally, you have the option of selecting medium light shades like dark purple, ombre green, ombre blue, etc. With so many options, you may find something to fit any mood or fashion. Your style will stand out more if you combine different styles and colors.

Straight hair

One of the most essential hairstyles is 8-inch hair extensions in a straight style. The trendy bob hairstyle for 8-inch straight hair extensions expresses a sporty, unique vibe. The hair can also be tied back or twisted to improve its appearance.

Don’t worry if you have short hair because it may be braided into many various styles, such as French braids. Simply add more hair clips to keep the hair in place.

Bone straight hair

Bone straight 8-inch hair extensions are a gorgeous haircut. While the straight one has a more natural appearance, the bone straight style has a more distinctive vibe. You may also choose the bone-straight color accessories to add interest to the bone-straight hair. 

Choosing a color that compliments your skin tone and facial shape will go a long way toward achieving fashion. If you want simple-to-wear, timeless colors, dark tones like brown, honey brown, or ombre brown will be excellent alternatives.

8 inch hair
The different changes in 8-inch hair with the rest of the lengths. Source: Black Hair Information


1. How long is an 8-inch weave?

If the weave texture is straight, this hair weave will normally fall around your neck area but not across the shoulder. In contrast, to longer weave hair, 8-inch weave lengths are simpler to handle and maintain.

2. How much is 8 inches of hair?

Depending on their length and quality, hair extensions might fluctuate in price. The price is considered reasonable as long as the hair quality deserves it. The cost of 8-inch hair extensions is now available from many wholesale hair dealers worldwide. 

Both affordable and pricey options exist. Some of the most popular and pricey ones come from Europe, where the hair source is now very uncommon and the hair quality is good. 

3. Is 8-inch hair considered short?

Yes. Definitely. 8 inches of hair stops above the shoulders. So, if your lifestyle is particularly active, you should choose this item.

Final thoughts

To conclude, the length of 8 inches of hair is suitable for creating a wide variety of looks, from gorgeous to fashionable. Hope this post gives you a perspective overview before making a decision to purchase 8 inches of hair extensions. 

We are Jen Hair. If you have any questions about our hair extension products, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. We are always here to provide you with the most quality information.


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