Cambodian Bundles: The Complete Guide

Using Cambodian hair bundles has pros and cons, and Jen Hair is here to give you important information on how to take good care of this hair.

Are you thinking about getting Cambodian hair extensions but don’t know where to start? Do not worry! If you want to know everything about Cambodian hair extensions, this is the guide for you.Keep reading to get some tips and tricks from the pros at Jen Hair.

Cambodian bundles with insights from Jen Hair experts (Source: Freepik)
Cambodian bundles with insights from Jen Hair experts (Source: Freepik)

What Are Cambodian Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions from Cambodia are made from real human hair that comes from Cambodia. The fact that they are all natural—no chemicals or processing—makes them stand out. This means that the hair stays very healthy and lasts a long time. You’ll save money in the long run because you won’t have to buy new ones as often as with other hair extensions. Cambodian hair can be styled in a lot of different ways, from straight to big curls, without changing the way it looks naturally.

This hair is naturally a lighter shade of black, which is one of the best things about it. This makes it a great surface for dying, bleaching, or twisting without changing the way it looks. You can also feel good about buying hair from many sellers because they make sure it comes from ethical sources.

Cambodian hair extensions are made from real human hair sourced from Cambodia (Source: Cambodian Hair Extensions)
Cambodian hair extensions are made from real human hair sourced from Cambodia (Source: Cambodian Hair Extensions)

Pros of Cambodian Hair Extensions:

Cambodian hair is 100% natural and has not been treated in any way, which is why it lasts so long. Plus, the hair’s roots are also all lined up in the same direction, which keeps it from getting tangled or broken and makes it last even longer.

OK, let’s talk about how Cambodian hair looks. Because it is raw and hasn’t been treated, it keeps its natural power and character. This makes it a great choice for many people, especially those from Southeast Asia or Asia. It goes well with many types of hair and makes you look natural and realistic.

The full-bodied look of the hair is another great thing about it. When you use Cambodian hair for extensions or wigs, the thick strands give them body and a fuller look. This density makes your hair look bright and healthy, which is always a good thing.

Don’t forget about the real shine either. The shine of Cambodian hair is medium to low, and it looks very natural. Some extensions are too shiny and look fake, but Cambodian hair’s slight shine adds to its natural beauty and makes it look great with your own hair.

Cons of Cambodian Hair Extensions:

Maintenance: While minimal, caring for these extensions requires specific products and techniques to maintain their quality and prevent damage.

Salon Application (For some types): Depending on the type of extension (e.g., sew-in weaves), professional application might be necessary, adding to the cost.

Potential for Damage: Improper application or removal of extensions can damage your natural hair. It’s crucial to choose a skilled hairstylist.

Different Types of Cambodian Hair Extensions

Cambodian Bundles With Frontal

Cambodian bundles with frontal (Source: Yummy Extensions)
Cambodian bundles with frontal (Source: Yummy Extensions)

A frontal closure provides more coverage and versatility than a traditional closure. It’s a lace piece that extends from ear to ear across the front of your hairline, mimicking a natural scalp. 

Bundles are separate wefts of hair that are sewn together to create fullness. With Cambodian bundles with frontal, you can achieve a completely natural look with the ability to style your hair up in high ponytails or buns without revealing your tracks.

Cambodian Bundles Closure

A closure is a small lace piece that typically covers the area at the back of your head where your hair is parted. Similar to frontals, closures allow you to achieve a natural look while concealing your bio hair at the part. 

Bundles, as mentioned earlier, are separate wefts sewn together for volume. This option is a great choice for those who prefer to wear their hair down or with minimal updos.

A closure covers the back of your head where your hair is parted (Source: UNice)
A closure covers the back of your head where your hair is parted (Source: UNice)

Cambodian Bundles Wave

Cambodian hair naturally has a slight wave pattern, but you can also find Cambodian hair extensions with a more pronounced wave texture. Wavy hair extensions add instant volume and dimension to your hairstyle. They’re versatile and can be styled straight, curled, or worn in their natural wave pattern.

Cambodian hair extensions with more wave texture (Source: Intriguing Hair)
Cambodian hair extensions with more wave texture (Source: Intriguing Hair)

Tips for Caring for Cambodian Bundles

Due to its natural curly texture, this hair type requires ample moisture and care. Daily maintenance involves activating curls with a water/conditioner mix and regular conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner.

For care routine, begin with a deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, followed by a leave-in conditioner to avoid residue buildup. Air dry or gently blot dry with a soft towel if in a hurry. To maintain the natural wave pattern, braid the hair before sleeping and use a satin scarf to protect it. For further assistance, reach out to Jen Hair Salon for a consultation.

Top Cambodian Hair Vendors In Cambodia

With the growing popularity of Cambodian hair, unethical sourcing practices can be a concern. We’ll guide you on how to identify reputable vendors in Cambodia known for their commitment to ethically-sourced, high-quality virgin hair.

Virgin Hair Cambodia (VHC)

VHC was established to provide ethically-sourced, high-quality hair. They offer 100% Virgin Remy Cambodian hair verified through a transparent sourcing process and ethical treatment of donors. Most of their hair donors come from rural areas of Cambodia, providing them with an opportunity to earn income for themselves and their families. VHC offers a range of products including wefts, wigs, frontals, closures, and facial hair. 

VHC was established to provide ethically-sourced, high-quality hair (Source: VHC website)
VHC was established to provide ethically-sourced, high-quality hair (Source: VHC)

Angkor Cambodian Hair Factory

Angkor Cambodian Hair Factory stands out as one of the most reliable sources for raw Cambodian hair. Renowned worldwide, it ranks among the top three Cambodian human hair bulk factories globally. Located in Phnom Penh, this enterprise, co-owned by an American and a Cambodian, specializes in supplying high-quality, virgin Cambodian hair to salons and wholesale vendors at competitive prices. Their extensive range includes straight, loose wave, body wave, deep wave, and rare curly styles. Additionally, they offer gray and white hair, as well as blonde options, along with clip-ins, closures, and customizable frontals and wigs tailored to meet customer demands.

Angkor Cambodian Hair Factory is a top source for raw Cambodian hair (Source: Angkor Cambodian Website)
Angkor Cambodian Hair Factory is a top source for raw Cambodian hair (Source: Angkor Cambodian Website)

Apsara Cambodian Hair Wholesale Human Hair Suppliers:

Apsara specializes in authentic, premium virgin Cambodian hair. They cater to various customer needs, whether it’s for individuals, stylists, or wholesalers. Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, they serve customers globally and are continuously seeking new distributors. 

Apsaras' online factory specializes in premium virgin RAW hair (Source: Apsara)
Apsaras’ online factory specializes in premium virgin RAW hair (Source: Apsara)

Steps to Choose Your Cambodian Vendor

Step 1: Online Research

Begin your search by typing “Cambodian Hair Wholesale Factory and Manufacturer” into search engines like Google or Bing. You’ll find numerous results to explore.

Step 2: Read Customer Feedback

Reading product reviews and customer feedback is an excellent way to gauge a supplier’s reliability. Look beyond the supplier’s website and check platforms like Instagram, Alibaba, and Amazon for comprehensive reviews.

Step 3: Request Business Profile

Reach out to the supplier via their Whatsapp hotline and request their business profile. This will give you insights into their experience in the hair industry and when they started selling Cambodian raw hair.

Step 4: Explore Product Range

When choosing a vendor, opt for one that offers a diverse range of hair products. While newcomers may initially focus on selling weft and bulk Cambodian hair, it’s beneficial to partner with suppliers who also provide wigs, clip-ins, tape-ins, lace closures, keratin hair extensions, and more. Request samples and price lists to compare with other vendors, making your decision-making process smoother.


Which is better, Cambodian hair or Vietnamese hair?

Both Cambodian and Vietnamese hair are high-quality, but they have slight differences:

  • Texture: Cambodian hair tends to be thicker and coarser than Vietnamese hair, which is known for its smoothness and softness.
  • Longevity: Both can last a long time with proper care, but some argue Cambodian hair might last slightly longer due to its thickness.
  • Availability: Vietnamese hair might be more readily available due to a larger industry in Vietnam.

Cambodian hair better than Brazilian hair? 

Not really. Brazilian hair is undoubtedly remarkable with its softness, shine, and diverse textures. However, Cambodian hair surpasses it in terms of volume and natural bounce. Cambodian hair tends to be slightly coarser, lending it a captivating body and fullness that sets it apart from other hair types.

Is Cambodian hair superior to Indian hair?

Raw Indian hair is commonly acknowledged for its softer texture and greater luster compared to raw Cambodian hair. This characteristic imparts a more authentic and vibrant look to the hair. 

How long does Cambodian hair usually last?

Cambodian hair extensions boast an impressive longevity, ranging from one year to several years. With diligent care and treatment using high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and oil, the hair retains its original quality and appearance over time.

Final Thoughts

Well, now you’re all set! This thorough guide has given you the lowdown on Cambodian hair extensions, covering everything from types and care tips to finding reliable vendors. With this knowledge under your belt, you’re primed to dive into the realm of Cambodian hair and embrace those gorgeous, flowing locks.

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to Jen Hair today to schedule a consultation and get the greatest Cambodian bundles!