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Jenhair Vietnam started as a hair processing and purchasing factory in Ninh Binh – Vietnam since 2007

 From 2007 to 2012, our main activity was to purchase hair from retail customers, hair sold in salon, hair tangled …. then rough treatment and sold to domestic hair manufacturing companies

In that time, the factory has learned how to handle hair better, so we could produce high-end products.

 From 2012 to 2017, although we have not officially established the company, many partners from all over the world came to us as a potential and reputable hair supplier.

Realizing the growing hair market, by 2017 – Jera Vietnam was officially established, becoming a start-up enterprise, and buying more advanced machines and technology lines from the world’s leading hair trading platform as China and Taiwan. Along with that launched the brand Jenhair Vietnam

 So far, JenHair has many partners from all over the world. Jenhair is currently one of Vietnam’s most famous brands in the hair business.

Our goal is to become the biggest hair company in Vietnam in the near future