Why does raw Vietnamese hair deserve to be the best hair?

When it comes to hair extensions and weaves, the search for the finest quality hair is ceaseless. In this pursuit, raw Vietnamese hair has emerged as a champion, captivating the attention of both hair enthusiasts and industry professionals. Renowned for its exceptional attributes and craftsmanship, raw Vietnamese hair stands as the epitome of hair perfection. 

Let’s explore the reasons why raw Vietnamese hair sets it apart from the rest and deserves its status as the pinnacle of hair quality!

Why does raw Vietnamese hair deserve to be the best hair?

Origin of raw Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair originates from Vietnam and is renowned for its unique qualities. The name “Vietnamese hair” is derived from its country of origin. Vietnamese people are known for their long, thick, and stunning hair, which creates both a form of adornment and self-expression. What sets Vietnamese hair apart is the diverse range of hairstyles and hair accessories in their culture, making them truly distinctive in comparison to other cultures.

Natural dark shade

Vietnamese hair possesses a distinct natural black color, setting it apart from Chinese or Indian hair. This characteristic allows Vietnamese women’s hair to seamlessly blend with the hair of women from various nations. 

Its versatility in dyeing is noteworthy, as starting with the natural black base, it can be transformed into a wide array of colors such as red, orange, blue, pink, blonde, gray, dark gray, brown, and dark brown. Black serves as the ideal foundation for complementing any dye color. 

raw Vietnamese hair
Vietnamese hair possesses a distinct natural black color (Source: The Wig Playhaus)

Moreover, the majority of Vietnamese hair bundles are of superior quality and sourced from donors who abstain from using stimulants. This is why women worldwide are captivated by Vietnamese human hair.

Effortless length maintenance

Owning Vietnamese hair means you have more time for other activities, as the hair treatment process requires minimal concern.

Vietnamese hair is renowned for its exceptional quality, ensuring longevity. On average, Vietnamese hair can last between 3.5 and 5 years, based on the experiences of users. 

Maintaining Vietnamese hair is simple and straightforward. Regular washing, cleaning, and blow-drying are all it takes to keep it clean and fresh. However, it’s important to handle the hair with care to prevent tangling. By following these basic maintenance steps, your hair will remain in excellent condition for an extended period.

raw Vietnamese hair
Maintaining raw Vietnamese hair is simple and straightforward (Source: Amazon UK)

If you have naturally curly hair extensions, it’s recommended to give them extra attention. To avoid dandruff and scalp discomfort, wash your hair 2-3 times a week.

At Jen Hair, you can trust the quality of our Vietnamese hair, as it is 100% natural. Our hair production process is free from chemicals and damaging technologies, ensuring the overall health and well-being of your natural hair. This advantage makes hair care significantly easier for you!

Renowned for durability and thickness

The unique texture of Vietnamese human hair is a result of its exposure to the climate and environment. When you wear Vietnamese hair, you will notice its remarkable straightness. This quality ensures that your hair remains tangle-free and easy to brush each morning. 

raw Vietnamese hair
When you wear Vietnamese hair, you will notice its remarkable straightness. (Source: FlawlessbyToni)

The hair is luxuriously full and thick, so it will give you a satisfying sensation when you run your hands through it. It’s truly a remarkable feature! This distinctive characteristic of Vietnamese human hair sets it apart in the hair market. Vietnam is renowned as one of the leading countries for hair product sales, thanks to this exceptional attribute.

Raw Vietnamese hair extensions: clear classification of styles and names

Vietnamese hair factories offer two main types of hair extensions that showcase the diversity and high quality available:

  • Virgin hair: Vietnamese virgin hair refers to hair that remains untouched by any chemical processing. It is sourced from individual donors in Vietnam, ensuring excellent consistency in hair structure and color. The quality of these Vietnamese hair bundles is exceptional and is highly sought after. 
  • Remy hair: Remy hair originates from a group of two to three donors with their unprocessed hair growing in the same direction. This type of hair is widely popular worldwide due to its high quality and affordability. While it may have a lower cost compared to virgin hair, rest assured that Jen Hair meticulously collects natural and suitable Vietnamese human hair that meets our clients’ standards.

Competitive price

Raw Vietnamese hair offers a competitive price in the market due to several factors that contribute to its affordability. Here are some reasons:

raw Vietnamese hair
Vietnamese hair offers a competitive price in the market (Source: Vietnamese Hair Vendors)
  • Abundance of supply: Vietnam is known for its strong hair culture, with many individuals possessing long, healthy hair. This abundance of supply allows for a more cost-effective sourcing process compared to regions with limited availability. 
  • Local sourcing and production: Raw Vietnamese hair is often sourced locally within Vietnam, reducing transportation costs and overhead expenses associated with importing hair from other countries. 
  • Manufacturing expertise: Vietnam has a well-established hair industry with skilled artisans and manufacturers who have mastered processing raw hair into high-quality extensions. The expertise and efficiency in manufacturing contribute to cost savings.
  • Market competition: The hair industry is highly competitive, with various suppliers and manufacturers. This competition encourages pricing strategies that make raw Vietnamese hair more accessible to a wider customer base.

It’s important to note that while raw Vietnamese hair offers a competitive price, the final cost still varies based on factors such as hair length, quality, and specific supplier or vendor pricing policies. It’s recommended to research and compare prices from different sources to ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment.

Ability to remove color

Raw Vietnamese hair possesses a remarkable ability to remove color, so it is a versatile choice for individuals who prefer to experiment with different hair shades and styles. This unique characteristic stems from the hair’s natural structure and quality.

raw Vietnamese hair
This unique characteristic stems from the hair’s natural structure and quality. (Source: IndiaMART)

The high-quality raw Vietnamese hair is typically free from extensive chemical treatments or alterations, allowing it to accept color removal processes. Whether you want to transition from a bold, vibrant color to a more natural tone or simply desire a clean slate, raw Vietnamese hair provides an excellent canvas.


What are some ways to identify Vietnamese raw hair?

When identifying Vietnamese hair, there are five key factors to consider: pigmentation, texture, length and weight, color, and smell. 

Natural Vietnamese hair has a dark base color, feels soft and natural to the touch, has a minimum length requirement, exhibits rich and authentic colors, and has a distinct human hair smell. With its unique characteristics, Vietnamese hair stands out as a valuable treasure for the cultural diversity and heritage of Vietnam.

How to take care of raw Vietnamese hair?

For optimal care of raw Vietnamese hair, it is recommended to utilize products with effective detangling and enhanced moisture. It is advisable to use colorless products regularly to prevent internal damage to the strands. Additionally, remember to condition your hair after shampooing. 

When it comes to coloring hair, the emphasis is on utilizing natural ingredients and traditional methods. For a light brown color and a pleasant aroma, coffee beans can be used to dye hair.

Final thoughts,

Raw Vietnamese hair holds a prominent position in the global hair industry and is highly sought after by customers worldwide. And the price of Vietnamese hair corresponds to its exceptional quality. 

If you are interested in purchasing raw Vietnamese hair, we encourage you to get in touch with us today. Jen Hair stands as a top-tier company in Vietnam, specializing in the supply of this hair type. Our competitive edge lies in the combination of affordable prices, superior quality, and exceptional customer service. Place your order now and get ready to showcase a confident and stunning appearance!

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