Single Double Drawn Straight Weft

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Machine Weft Hair – An effective solution for thin and weak hair

In an the era that beauty is emphasized, beauty improvement solutions start to get more attention. These beauty improvement solutions are not only limited cosmetic surgery or skin care but also body care or even machine weft hair. Recently, machine weft hair is interested by a lot of people. Machine weft hair can transform your hair, make it more beautiful, healthier. That is the reason why the article about machine weft hair was born and gives you useful information.

What is the machine weft hair?

Machine weft hair is a product used to cover areas with too little hair. Machine weft hair is made from natural materials, connected by a rope and two connecting points. We can use the Machine weft hair and attach it to the head with 2 connection points.

With natural ingredients Machine weft hair helps us have a thick, beautiful and healthy hair

Currently, there are many different types of weft hair that you can refer to. In addition to Machine weft hair, there are many people who often use hand tied weft hair. They believe that hand tied weft hair is usually thinner and more flexible. Therefore, during using process, we will feel more comfortable. However, there are many others who think that Machine weft hair is better, more beautiful. So, what is the difference between Machine weft hair and hand tied weft hair? Join us to find out more.

What is the difference between Machine weft hair and hand tied weft hair?

There are many differences between Machine weft hair and hand tied weft hair that we want to share with you. First, the biggest difference between these two types of wigs is the thickness.

The thickness of the wig

Usually, we can see that Machine weft hair is much thicker than hand tied weft hair. Because hand tied weft hair is handmade by hand, the number of hair is not as much as machine weft hair.

In some cases that the user needs a healthy, thick hair, machine weft hair is always the first choice

How to use the product

Machine weft hair is usually easy for you to use than hand tied weft hair. With thickness and firmness, the machine weft hair is not only comfortable but also extremely suitable to the trend today. With hand tied weft hair, it can be greatly heavily worn by the difficult using process.

Durability and beauty

It is difficult to assess the durability and beauty of machine weft hair and hand tied weft hair. Each type of wig has different beauty. If you like simplicity and nature, maybe hand tied weft hair will suit you. If you like the health, personality and the trend today, let’s choose the machine weft hair.

Similarly, we can assure that the durability of both types of wigs is very good. If you use them skillfully, the life of the machine weft hair will range from 3-5 years or maybe longer, the life of hand tied weft hair will range from 2-4 years or maybe longer. So should we choose Hair Weft Hair or Hand Tied Weft Hair?

There is no doubt that machine weft hair is the most popular because they are both strong and easy to handle

Types of machine weft hair in our store

In our store, we have many types of machine weft hair available. You can refer to our machine weft hair below.

Bone straight

The length of bone straight ranges from 10 to 22 inches. You can be flexible and choose this length according to your preference. To own bone straight, you need to pay $275. Come to Jen Hair, you can be completely assured of the product quality. Our Straight Bone is made from real hair. In order to bring for you beautiful hairs, we have applied quite a lot of different modern technologies. You can choose one of several different colors, such as Natural Color # 1, Two Tone Color, Highlight Color, Mixed Color, # 2, # 3, # 4, # 5 …

Double drawn

We have 3 basic types of Double drawn. Those are Double Straight Weft Hair, Double Wavy Weft Water Wavy, Double Aunty Curly 10 Weft Hair. Accordingly, the length ofthree hair types ranges from 6 to 34 inches. You can freely choose according to your needs.

The most popular hairstyles today such as straight hair, curly hair are all available for you to choose

However, while the price of Double Aunty Curly 10 Weft Hair is only from $120 to $820, the price of Double Straight Weft Hair and Double Wavy Weft Water Wavy is a bit more expensive, ranging from $160 – $850. At this price, Jen Hair offers users a product with superior quality. All designs, colors are ready to serve you.

Single drawn

This type of Single Drawn wig is popular with customers because of its extremely flexible length. The length of the Single Double Drawn Straight Weft can be up to 38 inches. It can be said that Single Double Drawn Straight Weft is suitable for long-hair lovers. Also with real hair material, without any chemical treatment, Single Double Drawn Straight Weft always receives the trust of customers.

Super double drawn

A special feature of Super Double Drawn Straight Weft is the hair density. You can customize the hair density as required or according to your hair condition at the time.

With modern technology and safety, Super Double Drawn Straight Weft deserves our luxury products

These types of wigs are very popular in the market. With prestige and reputation, Jen Hair is committed for customers about all our products on the market. It has good quality and solve all hair problems of customers!