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How to take care your curly hair in the winter

Winter is the perfect time for parties and it is also the tome for celebrating the New Year. It is also the time when you need to take proper care of your skin and hair. When you have wavy or curly hair, it becomes all the more difficult to maintain it in winters. Here we will talk about various ways to maintain your curly and wavy hair and enjoy your party.

1. Keep your hair covered

Not only is it important to protect your hair with product, but you need to physically protect it, too. “Keeping your hair healthy during the winter months requires you to keep your hair covered and protected as much as possible — especially at night,” says Branch. “During the day, the most essential rule is to keep your hair covered when exposed to the bitter cold.” If you don’t sleep with a hair bonnet any other time of the year, you should at least make sure to do it in the winter. And yes, you can use this as an excuse to buy a cute new beanie for daytime, too.

2. Don’t go out with WET hair

You definitely know this because your mom has been yelling at you about it since you were a kid, but it really is important! If you want to avoid the blowdryer, wash your hair at night and let it dry naturally while you sleep

3. Hydrate from the inside

With all of the dry air your hair is subjected to during the winter, hydrating with products can only do so much. It’s important to start hydrating from the inside by drinking lots (and lots, and lots) of water. “Make sure to drink eight cups of water per day,” says Branch. Warm water with lemon is a great winter treat that will keep you warm and hydrated.

4. Eats the right food

Super foods = super hair. “Your hair cannot be healthy unless you are healthy,” says Branch. “Stock up on kale, chia seeds, eggs, salmon, almonds, quinoa, broccoli and kidney beans. Super foods will give your hair a boost during the winter months.”

5. Use honey for your curly hair

Honey is very beneficial when you use it with a conditioner that is fortified with olive oil and avocado oil. If you feel your hair to be too oily after conditioning, you can use a mild shampoo and wash your hair. Honey with its humectants properties, keeps your hair well moisturized, thereby preventing your hair from getting fizzy. You can use hair care products containing honey to keep your curls and waves in good condition during the winters.