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For new users in hair extensions, there are some difficulties in recognizing between Single Drawn and Double Drawn. Every problem will be dissipated.

What is the Single Drawn Hair?

There are many positives associated with single drawn hair extensions, and it is often a popular choice due to its natural finish.  As hair naturally grows from our scalp, each of our hairs will have a different growth rate, therefore an individual with naturally grown long hair will have hair that is thinner at the tips and tapers off towards the bottom.  It’s just about 20% – 25% is of equal length in a bundle of single drawn.

For clients looking for a natural finish where masses of volume is not important, single drawn hair is a great choice.  Actually, single drawn hair is often cheaper than double drawn hair.

What is the Double Drawn Hair?

Contain one length of hair , resulting in extensions that are thick from top to bottom . Double drawn hair extensions have shorter hair removed by hand, workers cut the hair ends by hands so the full bundle will remain the same fullness from top to bottom. You will pay more for double drawn hair, but the quality, volume and duration that the hair lasts you will far exceed single drawn hair extensions.

Double drawn hair blends beautifully with all hair lengths, even short hair.  Because it’s so thick from the top to the ends, even women with chin length bobs can wear double drawn extensions and have it look like their own hair.

After reading this tip, we hope you will choose your extensions easily and effectively.