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1. The price includes:

– The lower price  for customers who buy 3kg or more
– The higher price is for the customers who buy less than 3kg
–  The exception:
• Apply the wholesale prices (the lower prices) to new models at any volume.
• Apply the wholesale prices (the lower prices) to new markets at any volume, but must be clearly noted for customers
• Apply the wholesale price (the lower price) when having a mistake about sending goods to customers

2. Discount

• 1-month retail customers who buy over 3kg of goods: At the final invoice, customers will get $ 40 off
NOTE: In the customers’final voucher, the relevant documents must be clearly stated to receive the discount
• Wholesale customers discount on orders
+ Buy over 10kg discount 5$/kg
+ Buy over 30kg discount 10$/kg
+ For customers who come to the company to buy, they will receive the discount above and additional discount 3$/kg

3.  Discount programs

• Discount for customer according to the company’s specific program (not including discount above)
• Time to calculate discount: calculated by the time receiving a deposit from the customer

4 . The other discount:

• In accordance with the provisions on freight risk.
• Regulations on product defects.