It’s always the first concern for customers.
If you wear hair extensions regularly, then you’ve probably learned a trick or two on how to make each set last a little longer than the ones before. Today Jenhair will share you some tips, hope they are useful for you.

Wash Your Weft Hair After Purchasing

When getting your new hair extensions, of course you will want to use it immediately, but just slow down a bit, we think that it would be perfect if you can wash your hair before using it. Be sure to wash the hair with cool water from root to tip, without scrubbing them or using a circular motion. Rinse, and add your conditioner and detangle with a wide-tooth comb, and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry and allow your bundles to air dry completely. It helps to remove chemicals that are used to manufacture the weft hair and the dirt from the packaging.

How to comb hair properly

It is very important, especially if you have extensions that are longer than 20″. When brushing be sure to brush from tip to root, avoiding snags, and gently detangling your hair. Pay patience on it: rushing or rough brushing will induce shedding.

We recommend to use wide-tooth combs, it’s the best choice for your hair.

When you brush it, please remove tangles gently, avoiding pulling and tugging. Do not comb the hair extensions while wet, because at that time the hair is weakest.

Air Dry your Hair Extensions

Air drying your hair extensions are best way to increase the lifespan of your extensions. It helps you to avoid unnecessary heat and improve longevity of hair.

Using conditioner and oil hair frequently

Since the hair is cut from the scalp, there is no more natural oil or nutrition for it. So how to provide them to the hair?

The best way to maintain the moisture and vitality of your extensions is by making sure they are properly conditioned. If you use to use heating tools frequently, be sure to deep condition your hair weave after each month. If your hair are colored or bleached, deep condition it after each 2 weeks.

And be sure that you are using the oil hair for you extension, some customers think that, they just got the hair for couples of days, it’s new, then they don’t need to use any productions. It’s not true, the strand of hair contain certain amount of moisture, and it can be lost naturally.

Using oil hair frequently is highly recommended.

To Avoid Washing Your hair too much

Since your weft hair is not attached to your scalp, you do not need to wash them as you would do with your real hair. Washing your weave too often causes them to become dull and dry due the stripping of oils. We recommend to wash your hair after each 2-3 days.

Try co-washing if possible or a ‘water-wash’, if the shampoo is pivotal, make sure you are using a sulfate-free shampoo.

Do not use many chemical products with wigs

It is true. Hair care products are necessary for hair extensions, but using lots of chemical products can harm the lifespan of your hair. It can lead to dry and loosing vitality. So avoid to use a lot of products can make our weave hair last longer.

After all, we can be sure that by following those steps above, the lifespan of your weft hair extensions can be improved. Try some of those steps above, or all of them, the result will make you feel great.
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