Care instructions for human hair wig


.How do you keep your wigs in good condition?



.How do you treat human hair wigs at home?



.How do I make my wig look natural?



.Should you comb or brush a wig?



.What Hairspray is good for wigs?



.How do you take care of a wig?



.Should you comb or brush a wig?



.How do Beginners wear wigs?



.How long can you keep a wig on?



.How do I make my wig Fluffy?


There are many questions why wig users have asked themselves? How to take care of the wig? How to prolong the life of the wig? as well as how to keep the wig naturally shiny…. to save money, regardless of whether you are a newbie or have had the opportunity to have a lot of exposure to wigs. To be able to prolong the life of the wig, you need to pay attention to the most reasonable use, here JENHAIR will share with you some of the following notes.


1.Wig preservation method

– Always store the wig in a cool and dry place such as a closet or drawer and out of direct sunlight. Also, make sure your hair is completely dry when storing it to prevent mold and other bacteria from growing.
– You can use a clothes hanger or a bag at home to preserve your hair. Storing your hair in a bag or hanger can prevent damage and tangles, thereby assisting in the care of your wig. Compared to storing hair in a box, storing hair this way can also combine with hair drying as well as help maintain the original shape of the hair, making it easier to style.

Wig preservation method


2.Prohibited substances should not be used if you want your wig to last


Besides taking good care of your hair and properly, the products you use to care for your hair are also an important factor in whether your wig will become damaged or stay strong. To know if the hair product you are using is suitable, check for and stay away from the following ingredients: SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl and Propyl…
In addition, using sticky products such as hairspray, hair gel or hair wax can also make your wig sticky.

wig care tips


3.Brush Your Hair The Right Way


You should always be gentle with your wig’s comb properly as this can completely affect their lifespan. Because if you do the opposite, your hair will fall out and be damaged.
To comb your hair, we recommend using a round brush. Alternatively, you can also use a wide tooth comb or a soft bristle comb


4. How often to wash wigs


Since your wig is not exposed to the same oils produced by your scalp as your natural hair, it is not necessary to wash them as often when caring for your wig. Basically, the less you wash your extensions, the more durable they will be.
So please use them rationally and scientifically to limit washing your hair as much as possible. Suitable frequency about 2 times per month, depends on how often you use it too but that’s average. Another note for you is that when being put into the wig, the hairs no longer receive the inherent moisture supply, and to take care of the wig in the most effective way, you will need to pay special attention to the following: Conditioning and moisturizing step to reduce dryness in hair.

Finally, hope that our suggestions above will help you have more tips to take care of your wig, so that you always look beautiful with your favorite wigs!
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