Cameroon is an extremely potential market of large hair suppliers and wholesalers. Have you ever considered purchasing Cameroon Wholesale Supplier Hair Extensions? The Hair Extensions sector in this city is said to be the main market for both Americans and international visitors. This article will provide you with a quick list of wholesale hair suppliers in Cameroon.

Overview of wholesale hair suppliers in Cameroon

The hair extension industry is growing very strongly, day by day, hour by hour. The greater the demand for beauty, the growing market for hair extensions. If you want to become a hair wholesaler in Cameroon, you need to keep the following in mind:

Hair extensions, and machines for hair extensions in the Cameroonian hair market

All Hair Extensions wholesalers in Cameroon are retailers that import Hair Extensions from international hair factories such as Vietnam, China, India, Russia and others.
Therefore, the origin of Cameroon Hair Extensions varies widely and is determined by the quality of each source. More specifically, Vietnam Hair Extensions is considered as the main supplier for the Cameroon market. More than 80% of Cameroonian hair suppliers have recognized Vietnam Hair Factory as their official supplier and have signed a long-term contract with them. Because the Vietnamese market has enough raw materials to meet their needs.

Pros & cons of buying Hair Extensions from Wholesale Hair Suppliers in Cameroon

What are the advantages of a wholesale hair supplier in Cameroon?

Good quality hair extensions:
• Since they are resellers, they prescribe all quality to regulatory requirements from the outset.
• Hair wholesalers use imported, good quality products. There are high standards. Thoroughly tested before being put on the market.
• Hair wholesalers in Cameroon will provide customers with a wide range of choices.
• There are many products that are suitable for the customer’s budget. The hair wholesalers in the Cameroom market will be divided into many different segments from expensive to cheap.

Wholesale hair suppliers in Cameroon the bad points

The cost is higher than the price of other countries:
• Most of the products of the hair wholesalers in Cameroom are imported to Cameroom, so the cost will be more expensive than in other countries. They are just distributors that resell hair products in their country. Because they cannot produce and do not have a source of raw hair to produce.
• Wholesale hair suppliers depend on foreign factories and cannot manage their own operations. In some situations, they may not bring the product to the warehouse for you. Because they have to order from other countries. Hair quantity not available in stock.

Top 3 best wholesale hair suppliers in Cameroon

Here is a list of the top 3 hair businesses in Cameroon that you should consider when deciding to start a hair business:

1. Indian Hair Cameroon – Famous wholesale hair supplier in Cameroon

• Natural hair, Russian Indian Rémy hair or Chinese hair
• Single cuticle quality
• Hair extensions are tangle-free and soft in all sizes and colors
• Hair styles, hair models are diverse to choose from for consumers.

2. HAIR BOSS– Cameroonian wholesale hair supplier

• Natural hair material . Hair is imported from Vietnam and China
• They have about 1,000 different high quality items.
• All products are highly appreciated by our customers.

3. Cameroon Wig Maker / Trainer- A famous wholesale hair supplier in Cameroon

• Wig Expert & Trainer
• Coloring, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Training and Collaboration
is a wig manufacturer.
• 100% human hair
• New design human hair
• wholesale human hair
• Get wig design that fits your face, optional style.

Why Vietnamese Hair Extensions is the best choice for the Business of Wholesale Hair Suppliers in Cameroon?

In the international hairdressing market, Vietnam Hair Extensions suppliers are pleased to bring the best quality at a reasonable cost. Vietnam Hair Factory has recently been recognized as one of the leading hairdressing machine suppliers in the world, providing the best Extension products.

Vietnam Hair Structure – Cameroonian Wholesale Hair Supplier is not to be missed.

• Natural, healthy hair is meticulously cared for.
• The hair is skillfully handcrafted.
• Very thick, smooth and silky texture – Due to its ability to hold curls as well as softness, this hair type is in high demand.

Vietnam Hair Factory – Best place to manufacture and wholesale for Suppliers in Cameroon

• Although the prices of hair products and other services from Vietnam Hair Extension Suppliers are higher than other suppliers, they are of the best quality.
• Since customers are willing to pay for high-quality products, you can build a loyal customer profile first.
• Any business person must say that Vietnamese hair is really good. And the hair wholesaler in Cameroon could not pass up such a good hair product.
• Vietnamese hair is good because of good hair input materials, so it will produce the best quality hair products. Best for consumers.

Positive customer feedback about Vietnamese hair factories – Best place to shop for hair suppliers at wholesale prices in Cameroon

Almost all of the top hair salons in Vietnam provide high quality services at cheap prices. Surprisingly, hairdressers in Vietnam are considered very beautiful and stylish. That’s why so many overseas buyers are interested in buying Vietnamese hair.

Notes to know when importing goods from Vietnam to Cameroon

• How to contact the wholesale workshop manager
• For more information about setting up a hair company or importing hair from Vietnam, contact the wholesale factory manager at: +84 967 69 69 96 (Whatsapp)
• Inform them about the type of hair you want to buy
• Here’s how to create your list of orders:
• Check factory-delivered ex-factory invoices
• Payment in advance

Top 3 good quality Vietnamese hair factories. Distributed to hair agents in Cameroon

The following is a list of the top 3 hair factories in Vietnam that are famous for their high quality hair and reasonable prices:

JenHair – Cameroon’s leading wholesale hair supplier

Jen hair has more than 10 years of experience in hair production. Unlike many other suppliers, being the first hair factory in Vietnam to supply 100% pure Vietnamese high quality hair, horizontal hair, wavy hair, lace wigs and wigs human lace for hair wholesalers all over the world, including Brazil, Dubai, Russia, USA and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.)
With the best price. Hair offered in South Africa comes in a wide range of textures and designs.

Queen Hair – Famous wholesale hair supplier in Vietnam

Queen Hair is a 5 year old company. Is a company specializing in the supply, wholesale and retail of human hair to the Cameroon market.

MicHair – Famous wholesale hair supplier in Vietnam

Michair Company has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and research in the hair industry over the years. With many years of accumulated experience. Michair has been and is thriving. Michair is also a reputable supplier of the Cameroon market.

Contact us for more information
• Website: jenhair.com
• Facebook: Jen hair Vietnam
• Instagram: jenhair_vietnam
• Whatsapp: Jenhair vietnam company


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