What does it take to become a hair trader?
How much does it cost to start a hair business?
How to contact wholesale hair company?
– How much money does it take to become a hair trader?
– How to ship hair products?

With many years of experience in the hair industry. Jen hair_ hair company has the opportunity to cooperate and distribute to many hair sellers in the world. Let’s learn the secret of their successful business together! This blog will give you 3hair businessmodels: dropshipping; hair sellers and hair distributors. Depending on your background, you may find the best model for you to start your business right now.

I. Dropshipping hair extension

1. What is drop shipping?
Dropshipping is a new sales method that appeared a few years ago. It is becoming more and more popular, along with the growth of the internet. Dropshipping means you don’t need to stock up on products in your store. You sell products on an online platform, advertising your online store. When there is an order, the supplier will ship the goods to you. Under the supplier’s brand.
You won’t have to worry about inventory. No need to pay the cost of renting space… And many other costs incurred.

2. Start dropshippinghairdressing_ dropshipping hair business from “0”.
• First, you find a reliablehair salon, good quality hair. The two sides agree on the price.
• Second, establish your online platform to reach our potential customers. You should create a website and social accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. If you have a brand identity. This will create a career level.
• Post their products on your website and social media. You should run ads to attract customers to buy.
• Next you will have an order, transfer it to your supplier.
• Finally, you wait for the order from the supplier, test it and then ship it to individual customers.

3. Pros and cons of dropshipping
No store rental fees, no operating costs, you can do your hair business with just 0 . You must prepay your order before they ship it to you.
However, this model has some weaknesses:
• Operation time is too long. From the time the customer pays to the time the hair is received, it takes 8-10 days.
• No quality control. You won’t be able to control all the rows. Customers won’t know what it looks like. You will not be able to control the goods before delivery.

vietnamese hair factory


II. Retail hair shops or Hair Distributors provide hair for other businesses.

1. To become a hair trader. First you have to choose a hair factory to buy hair from. Goodhair suppliers: they have a large scale, have a hair factory, have many years of experience in the hair business, transparent policy, good hair prices, quality hair – diverse designs. Jen hair company is a reputable supplier, if you want to cooperate:

+ Jen hair has a large-scale hair factory.
+ Large warehouse of finished hair products.
+ Can accept orders according to customer requirements with quantity.
+ Clear and transparent purchasing policy.No.1 hair quality in Vietnam.

• Trang web:
• Facebook: Jen hair Vietnam
• Instagram: jenhair_vietnam
• Whatsapp: Jenhair vietnam company

2. When choosing a reputable hair supplier. You will be looking for customers. You can open a retail hair shop. If you have a large amount of capital you can also think of becoming a hair distributor. You will get the hair from the big hair supplier to wholesale to the small hair supplier. This way you will quickly recover your capital. And your business will quickly expand.
=> That’s the fastest growing way, Jen hair’s partners are applying. Their profits are growing exponentially.

3. Open a your own window. Create “Private Brand”. You should have a store of your private to create credibility for customers. It’s also where your products are displayed. Customers can come to the place to buy goods. You should also have yourself a website. Online shopping is growing, you should create yourself a sales website with payment function. It will be easier for customers to buy from you. Besides that, you should also create your own “Beauty of Hair”. That will make your customers remember you. Create signals and be more professional in the eyes of customers.

4. Online Marketing. As a new hair salon, you don’t have a steady customer base yet. You are on the verge of building your own hair brand. You should take advantage of social networking platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. to attract customers to you. And you can have immediate and regular customers.

Hopefully with the above article. You will find your own hair business. And will soon become a major hair distributor soon.


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